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Resellers Program

Adding Slick Surgico products to your business can help you win new customers and expand into new territories. The reseller program is created so you can easily and quickly start a business to serve your customers.

Becoming Reseller can benefit in a number of ways.

  • Listed on our Directory Map 
  • Special Discounts only available to Wholesale Customers
  • No minimum order amount, after initial order requirement
  • Supply Slick Surgico, Brand Tools
  • Buy Directly from Manufacturer
  • Special Discount Lots available during occasions
  • High-Quality Tools, Competitive Prices
  • Offer Lifetime Warranty under normal use

No minimum order value, We can mutually agree to order quantity and initial order value. For further information, please contact us at [email protected]

Privacy Policy
When you submit information with Slick Surgico, we ask for your name, your address, Telephone and Fax numbers other personal details. We consider this information private. The information is kept on a secure server to protect it from outside parties. We use the information only for the limited purposes of processing your orders, for statistical purposes to improve our site, services to you, and to notify you of products of your interests.