Abdominal Retractors
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-05-1001-00 Collin, Baby Abdominal Retractor complete with 2 pairs of lateral blades
2   SS-05-1002-22 Collin Abdominal Retractor complete with 2 pairs of lateral blades
3   SS-05-1003-00 Collin Abdominal Retractor complete with 2 pairs of lateral blades 22.5cm
4   SS-05-1004-00 Ricard Abdominal Retractor complete with 2 pairs of lateral blades
5   SS-05-1005-18 Abdominal Retractors Lateral Blade piece
6   SS-05-1006-00 Gosset-Baby Abdominal Retractor spreading 100 mm lateral blades 40 30 mm
7   SS-05-1007-00 Gosset Abdominal Retractor spreading 100 mm lateral blades 40 30 mm 1 central blade 60 56 mm
8   SS-05-1008-00 Gosset Abdominal Retractor spreading 140 mm lateral blades 63 35 mm
9   SS-05-1009-00 Balfour-Baby Abdominal Retractor spreading 90 mm lateral blades 24 20 mm
10   SS-05-1010-00 Balfour Abdominal Retractor spreading 180 mm lateral blades 70 35 mm 1 central blade
11   SS-05-1011-00 Balfour Abdominal Retractor spreading 180 mm lateral blades 70 35 mm
12   SS-05-1012-00 Balfour Abdominal Retractor spreading 200 mm lateral blades 100 35 mm
13   SS-05-1013-00 Balfour-Standard Abdominal Retractor spreading 150 mm lateral blades 100 35 mm
14   SS-05-1014-01 Balfour Central Blade 45 80 mm 68 85 mm 40 68 mm
15   SS-05-1015-00 Balfour, Modell USA Abdominal Retractor with 2 pairs of each lateral blades
16   SS-05-1016-00 O'Sullivan-O'Connor Abdominal Retractor with 2 fixed lateral blades,1blade 110 70 mm, and 2 blades 80 45 mm
17   SS-05-1017-00 Kirschner Abdominal Retractor
18   SS-05-1018-00 Kirschner Abdominal Retractor
19   SS-05-1019-00 Abdominal Retractor plastic for X-ray work, black 255 mm round, complete with 4 blades
20   SS-05-1020-00 Abdominal Spatula 30 mm wide
21   SS-05-1021-00 Haberer Abdominal Spatula tapered 17 25 mm 25 30 mm 37 45 mm
22   SS-05-1022-00 Martin Abdominal Spatula malleable, very soft
Cardiovascular Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-9-101-23 Cardiovascular Bone Shear 23cm
2   SS-9-102-22 Cardiovascular Rib Shear 23cm
3   SS-9-103-22 Gluck Rib Shears 21cm
4   SS-9-104-27 Giertz-Stille Rib Shear 24.5cm
5   SS-9-105-24 Lebsche Sternum Chisel 24.5cm
6   SS-9-106-01 Rib Retractor lateral blades 12 x 16 mm spreading 95 mm
7   SS-9-107-01 Finochietto, Infant Rib Retractor lateral blades 15 x 15 mm spreading 75 mm
8   SS-9-108-01 Finochietto, Baby Rib Retractor lateral blades 31 x 31 mm spreading 100 mm
9   SS-9-109-01 Finochietto Rib Retractor lateral blades 40 x 45 mm spreading 135 mm
10   SS-9-110-01 Burford Rib Retractor with two pairs of blades 47 x 62 mm + 65 x 62 mm
11   SS-9-111-01 Castaneda Rib Retractor lateral blades 10,5 x 32 mm spreading 65 mm
12   SS-9-112-01 Finochietto (modif) Rib Retractor lateral blades 14 x 15 mm spreading 120 mm
13   SS-9-113-90 Haight Rib Retractor lateral blades 30 x 30 mm spreading 120 mm
14   SS-9-114-01 Morse-Favaloro Sternal Retractor 4 movable blades 17 x 22 mm spreading 160 mm
15   SS-9-115-00 Morse Sternal Retractor 4 movable blades 22 x 27 mm spreading 200 mm
16   SS-9-116-02 Tuffier Rib Retractor lateral blades 22 x 27 mm spreading 200 mm
17   SS-9-117-75 Finochietto, Baby Rib Retractor lateral blades 14 x 15 mm spreading 75 mm
18   SS-9-118-01 Finochietto Rib Retractor lateral blades 30 x 45 mm spreading 150 mm
19   SS-9-119-00 DeBakey Rib Retractor spreading 150mm
20   SS-9-120-00 DeBakey Rib Retractor spreading 200mm
21   SS-9-121-00 Thoracic Retractor Size 1
22   SS-9-122-19 Sellors Rib Contractor 20cm
23   SS-9-123-14 Bailey-Baby Rib Contractor 15.5cm
24   SS-9-124-16 Bailey Rib Contractor 20cm
25   SS-9-125-16 Bailey-Gibbon Rib Contractor 20cm
26   SS-9-126-30 Allison Lung Spatula 29.5cm
27   SS-9-127-22 Price-Thomas Bronchus Clamp 22cm
28   SS-9-128-22 Price-Thomas Bronchus Clamp
29   SS-9-129-24 Semb Bronchus Clamp 24.5cm
30   SS-9-130-20 Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps 20.5cm
31   SS-9-131-20 Lovelace Lung Grasping Forceps 19cm
32   SS-9-132-07 DeBakey-Satinsky Bulldog Clamp 7cm
33   SS-9-133-06 Glover Bulldog Clamp 6cm
34   SS-9-134-07 Santulli Bulldog Clamp 7cm
35   SS-9-135-09 Gregory, soft Bulldog Clamp 11cm
36   SS-9-136-01 Gregory Bulldog Clamp 10.5cm
37   SS-9-137-16 DeBakey-Rankin Haemostatic Forceps 16cm
38   SS-9-138-15 DeBakey-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps 15cm
39   SS-9-139-23 Ochsner Aortic Clamp 23.5cm
40   SS-9-140-21 Diethrich Aortic Clamp 22cm
41   SS-9-141-00 Dardik Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 15cm
42   SS-9-142-18 Dale Peripheral Vascular Clamp 18cm
43   SS-9-143-17 Dale Peripheral Vascular Clamp 17.5cm
44   SS-9-144-14 Gregory Profunda Clamp 13cm
45   SS-9-145-16 Martin Peripheral Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
46   SS-9-146-18 Husfeldt Peripheral Vascular Clamp 17.5cm
47   SS-9-147-18 Husfeldt Peripheral Vascular Clamp 18cm
48   SS-9-148-17 Husfeldt Peripheral Vascular Clamp 17cm
49   SS-9-149-16 DeBakey Vascular Forceps 16cm
50   SS-9-150-16 DeBakey Vascular Forceps 16cm
51   SS-9-151-16 DeBakey Vascular Forceps 16cm
52   SS-9-152-16 DeBakey Vascular Forceps 16cm
53   SS-9-153-16 DeBakey Vascular Forceps 16cm
54   SS-9-154-07 DeBakey Bulldog Clamp 7.5cm
55   SS-9-155-07 DeBakey Bulldog Clamp
56   SS-9-156-23 Applying Forceps 23.5cm
57   SS-9-157-06 Glover Bulldog Clamp 7cm
58   SS-9-158-06 Glover Bulldog Clamp 6.5cm
59   SS-9-159-21 Potts Coarctation Clamp 21cm
60   SS-9-160-21 Potts Coarctation Clamp 20.5cm
61   SS-9-161-21 Potts Coarctation Clamp
62   SS-9-162-22 Potts Anastomosis Clamp 21.5cm
63   SS-9-163-22 Potts Anastomosis Clamp 22cm
64   SS-9-164-19 DeBakey Ligature Forceps 19cm
65   SS-9-165-16 DeBakey Peripheral Vascular Clamp 16cm
66   SS-9-166-19 DeBakey Peripheral Vascular Clamp
67   SS-9-167-18 Leland-Jones Peripheral Vascular Clamp 18cm
68   SS-9-168-15 Bainbridge Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 15cm
69   SS-9-169-15 Bainbridge Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 15cm
70   SS-9-170-20 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 20cm
71   SS-9-171-26 DeBakey Aortic Aneurysm Clamp 26cm
72   SS-9-172-28 DeBakey Aortic Aneurysm Clamp 28cm
73   SS-9-173-30 DeBakey Aortic Aneurysm Clamp 30cm
74   SS-9-174-27 DeBakey Aortic Clamp 27cm
75   SS-9-175-24 DeBakey Ligature Forceps 24.5cm
76   SS-9-176-24 DeBakey Ligature Forceps 24.5cm
77   SS-9-178-25 DeBakey Ligature Forceps 27cm
78   SS-9-179-01 Weber Aortic Clamp 24cm
79   SS-9-180-20 Satinsky Tangential Occlusion Clamp 22cm
80   SS-9-181-01 Harken Auricle Clamp 24.5cm
81   SS-9-182-23 Lees Bronchus Clamp 23cm
82   SS-9-183-25 Lees Bronchus Clamp
83   SS-9-184-21 Lambert-Kay Anastomosis Clamp 22.5cm
84   SS-9-185-17 DeBakey Anastomosis Clamp 16.5cm
85   SS-9-186-18 Morris-DeBakey Aortic Clamp 16.5cm
86   SS-9-187-23 DeBakey-Bahnson Aneurysm Clamp 23.5cm
87   SS-9-188-20 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 18cm
88   SS-9-189-12 DeBakey-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm
89   SS-9-190-12 DeBakey-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm
90   SS-9-191-17 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17cm
91   SS-9-192-16 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
92   SS-9-193-15 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16cm
93   SS-9-194-15 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
94   SS-9-195-17 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
95   SS-9-196-17 Glover Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17cm
96   SS-9-197-17 Glover Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17.5cm
97   SS-9-198-16 DeBakey Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
98   SS-9-199-16 Derra Anastomosis Clamp 18 cm Fig.3
99   SS-9-200-17 DeBakey-Beck Anastomosis Clamp 17cm
100   SS-9-201-16 Cooley Vascular Forceps 16cm
101   SS-9-202-01 Cooley Pediatric Vascular Clamp 14.5cm
102   SS-9-203-21 Cooley Iliac Clamp 22cm
103   SS-9-204-17 Cooley Anastomosis Clamp 17cm
104   SS-9-205-17 Cooley Anastomosis Clamp 20cm
105   SS-9-206-16 Cooley Anastomosis Clamp 17cm
106   SS-9-207-15 Cooley Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16cm
107   SS-9-208-17 Cooley Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17cm
108   SS-9-209-17 Cooley Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17cm
109   SS-9-210-17 Cooley Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 17.5cm
110   SS-9-211-16 Cooley Multi purpose Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
111   SS-9-212-16 Cooley-Derra Anastomosis Clamp 16.5cm
112   SS-9-213-17 Cooley-Beck Anastomosis Clamp 17cm
113   SS-9-214-00 Cooley Aortic Dilator
114   SS-9-215-05 Cooley Vascular Dilator 13 cm 0,5 mm
115   SS-9-216-05 DeBakey Vascular Dilator 19 cm 0,5 mm
116   SS-9-217-00 Martin Tunneling Set complete set with three shafts, two handles and 12 tips in storage case
117   SS-9-218-01 Hach Fasciotomy Knife with plastic handle
118   SS-9-219-18 Intima Spatula 18.5cm
119   SS-9-220-01 Robb Vascular Dissector 24cm Fig.1 2,5mm
120   SS-9-221-20 Crile Nerve Hooklet 20cm
121   SS-9-222-15 Ligature Catcher 26cm 1,5mm
122   SS-9-223-15 Subramanian-Miniature Aortic Clamp 135 degree
123   SS-9-224-16 Subramanian Aortic Clamp 16cm
124   SS-9-225-16 Subramanian Aortic Clamp 13.5cm Fig.1
125   SS-9-226-01 Pediatric Vascular Clamp
126   SS-9-227-16 Pediatric Vascular Clamp 16.5cm
127   SS-9-228-16 Pediatric Vascular Clamp 16cm
128   SS-9-229-25 Hach Fasciotomy Spatula 25mm
129   SS-9-230-14 Intima Spatula blunt 14cm
130   SS-9-231-33 Rumel-Belmont Tourniquet flexible 3,2 mm
131   SS-9-232-01 Castaneda Neonatal Vascular Clamp 12cm
Dermatology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-17-101-14 Moncorps Milium Knife 14cm
2   SS-17-102-00 Moncorps Spare Blade
3   SS-17-103-14 Vidal Lupus Scraper 13cm
4   SS-17-104-01 Fox Lupus Curette 14cm
5   SS-17-105-01 Wolff Lupus Curette 14cm
6   SS-17-106-15 Kilner Skin Hooklet 14.5cm
7   SS-17-107-18 Gillies Skin Hooklet 18cm
8   SS-17-108-03 Kaye Face-lift Hook 13cm
9   SS-17-109-02 Dermatology Dermal Punch 5.5cm
10   SS-17-110-00 Dermatology Handle 8cm
11   SS-17-111-02 Keyes Dermal Punch 11cm
12   SS-17-112-14 Unna Comedone Extractor
13   SS-17-113-14 Unna Comedone Extractor 14.5cm
14   SS-17-114-10 Saalfeld Comedone Extractor 11cm
15   SS-17-115-14 Saalfeld Saalfeld Comedone Extractor 14.5cm
16   SS-17-116-10 Schamberg Comedone Extractor 9.5cm
17   SS-17-117-14 Katsch Comedone Extractor 16cm
18   SS-17-118-11 Unna-Vidal Comedone Extractor 11.5cm
19   SS-17-119-15 Dassump Face-lift Forceps 18cm
20   SS-17-120-14 Gregory Face-lift Scissors 14cm
21   SS-17-121-15 Kaye Face-lift Scissors
22   SS-17-122-18 Stella-S Face-lift Scissors 18cm
23   SS-17-123-18 Gorney Face-lift Scissors 18cm
24   SS-17-124-18 Freeman-Kaye Face-lift Scissors 18cm
25   SS-17-125-00 Freeman Face-lift Scissors 23cm
Diagnostics Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-1-101-18 Percussion Buck Hammer 18.5CM
2   SS-1-102-18 Percussion Buck Hammer 20CM
3   SS-1-103-20 Percussion Dejerine Hammer 20CM
4   SS-1-104-21 Percussion Dejerine Hammer 21CM
5   SS-1-105-20 Taylor Mod. USA Percussion Hammer 20CM
6   SS-1-106-19 Wartenberg Pinwheel 18CM
7   SS-1-107-18 Pinard Stethoscope 18CM
8   SS-1-108-15 Pinard Stethoscope 15CM
9   SS-1-109-00 Obwegeser Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery
10   SS-1-110-01 Jameson Caliper
11   SS-1-111-01 Carroll Finger Goniometer
12   SS-1-112-01 Townley Caliper 11.5 cm
13   SS-1-113-02 Collin Dynamometer 11 cm
14   SS-1-114-01 Möltgen Flexometer
15   SS-1-115-21 Caliper graduated in mm and inches
16   SS-1-116-00 Vernier Caliper 22.5 cm
17   SS-1-117-15 Ruler graduated in mm and inches measuring range up to 145 mm
18   SS-1-118-50 Ruler, X-Ray measuring range up to 145 mm one side notched
19   SS-1-119-15 Ruler measuring range up to 145 mm one side notched with hole gauge
20   SS-1-120-02 Otoscope Set compete, in case oftalmoscope continuously adjustable with illumination lens and battery handle
21   SS-1-121-03 Ophtalmoscope Set compete, in case
22   SS-1-122-03 Diagnostic Set compete, in case
23   SS-1-123-03 Ziegler Head Mirror with head band 17-471-01 without protection cap 90 mm
24   SS-1-124-09 Ziegler Head Mirror with head band 17-471-01 without protection cap 90 mm
25   SS-1-125-09 Ziegler Head Mirror with head band 17-471-01 without protection cap 90 mm
26   SS-1-127-09 Ziegler Mirror only protection cap 90 mm
27   SS-1-128-09 Ziegler Mirror only without protection cap 90 mm
28   SS-1-129-01 Head Band black fiber,with ball joint 24 mm wide
29   SS-1-130-01 Martin-Commoda Head Band white plastic, with ball joint 24 mm wide
30   SS-1-131-01 Martin-Commoda Head Band broad shape white plastic, with ball joint 24 mm wide
31   SS-1-132-01 Socket Joint Head Band
32   SS-1-133-02 Fiber Optic Head Lamp
33   SS-1-134-22 Orion Head Lamp white commoda head band, with plug 3 m cable 220 v
34   SS-1-135-22 Clar Head Lamp complete 4v, 6v
35   SS-1-136-01 Glass Mirror without socket 55 mm
36   SS-1-137-01 Clar Head Lamp complete large white commoda head band 4v
37   SS-1-138-01 Mini Transformer
38   SS-1-139-00 Diagnostics Head Loupe
39   SS-1-140-50 Magnifying Glass A
40   SS-1-141-75 Magnifying Glass B
41   SS-1-142-01 Berger, Mod. Martin Head Loupe
42   SS-1-143-01 Berger Frame for Lenses
Dressing & Sponge Forceps
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-801-22 Ulrich Dressing Forceps 22.5cm
2   SS-5-802-13 Lister Sinus Forceps 13cm
3   SS-5-803-17 Martin Dressing Forceps 17.5cm
4   SS-5-804-20 Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps 20.5cm
5   SS-5-805-40 Dressing Tunneling Forceps 39.5cm
6   SS-5-806-25 Collin Dressing Forceps 25.5cm
7   SS-5-807-25 Cheron Dressing Forceps 23.5cm
8   SS-5-808-26 Bozemann Sponge Forceps 26cm
9   SS-5-809-25 Foerster Sponge Forceps 25cm
10   SS-5-810-25 Foerster Sponge Forceps 24.5cm
11   SS-5-811-18 Rampley Sponge Forceps 18.5cm
Dressing & Tissue Forceps
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-401-10 Dressing Forceps Standard 13cm
2   SS-5-402-11 Dressing Forceps Standard 12cm
3   SS-5-403-13 Dressing Forceps 14.5cm
4   SS-5-404-15 Dressing Forceps 15cm
5   SS-5-405-12 Mini-Adson Dressing Forceps 12cm
6   SS-5-406-12 Adson Dressing Forceps 12cm
7   SS-5-407-15 McIndoe Dressing Forceps 15cm
8   SS-5-408-20 Waugh Dressing Forceps 20cm
9   SS-5-409-12 Semken Dressing Forceps 15cm
10   SS-5-410-17 Taylor Dressing Forceps 15cm
11   SS-5-411-17 Taylor Dressing Forceps 17cm
12   SS-5-412-17 Taylor Dressing Forceps 18.5cm
13   SS-5-413-06 Micro Dressing Forceps 15.5cm
14   SS-5-414-18 Gerald Dressing Forceps 15.5cm
15   SS-5-415-17 Cushing Dressing Forceps 17.5cm
16   SS-5-416-18 Potts-Smith Dressing Forceps 18cm
17   SS-5-417-17 Bonney Dissecting Forceps 17.5cm
18   SS-5-418-17 Gerald Dissecting Forceps 17.5cm
19   SS-5-419-15 Gillies Dissecting Forceps 15.5cm
20   SS-5-420-15 McIndoe Dressing Forceps
21   SS-5-421-16 Semken Dissecting Forceps 15.5cm
22   SS-5-422-12 Adson-Brown Dissecting Forceps 12cm
23   SS-5-423-12 Adson Dissecting Forceps 15cm
24   SS-5-424-12 Adson Dressing Forceps 15cm
25   SS-5-425-17 Cushing Dressing Forceps
26   SS-5-426-18 Cushing Dressing Forceps 17cm
27   SS-5-427-18 Cushing-Taylor Dressing Forceps 18.5cm
28   SS-5-428-15 Potts-Smith Dressing Forceps 20cm
29   SS-5-429-14 Oehler Dissecting Forceps 16cm
30   SS-5-430-15 Wangensteen Dressing Forceps 23cm
31   SS-5-431-15 DeBakey Atraumatic Dressing Forceps 16cm
32   SS-5-432-16 DeBakey Atraumatic Dressing Forceps 20cm
33   SS-5-433-10 Dissecting Forceps 18cm
34   SS-5-434-11 Dissecting Forceps 13cm
35   SS-5-435-14 Dissecting Forceps 14.5cm
36   SS-5-436-14 Dissecting Forceps 16cm
37   SS-5-437-13 Dissecting Forceps 20cm
38   SS-5-438-13 Dissecting Forceps 14.5cm
39   SS-5-439-15 Stille Dissecting Forceps
40   SS-5-440-15 Stille Dissecting Forceps 15cm
41   SS-5-441-15 Stone Dissecting Forceps 15cm
42   SS-5-442-15 Lerche Dissecting Forceps 15cm
43   SS-5-443-15 Adlerkreutz Dissecting Forceps
44   SS-5-444-12 Adson Dissecting Forceps 12cm
45   SS-5-445-15 Gillies Dissecting Forceps
46   SS-5-446-20 Waugh Dissecting Forceps 20.5cm
47   SS-5-447-12 Semken Dissecting Forceps 15cm
48   SS-5-448-17 Taylor Dissecting Forceps 17.5cm
49   SS-5-449-17 Taylor Dissecting Forceps 17cm
50   SS-5-450-17 Taylor Dissecting Forceps 18.5cm
51   SS-5-451-06 Micro Dissecting Forceps 15.5cm
52   SS-5-452-17 Gerald Dissecting Forceps
53   SS-5-453-17 Cushing Dissecting Forceps 18cm
54   SS-5-454-18 Potts-Smith Dissecting Forceps 18cm
55   SS-5-455-12 Mikro-Adson Dressing Forceps 15cm
56   SS-5-456-12 Mikro-Adson Dissecting Forceps 15cm
57   SS-5-457-11 Dissecting Forceps 10.5cm
58   SS-5-458-12 Jeweler Type Forceps 12cm Fig.7
59   SS-5-459-12 Jeweler Type Forceps 12cm Fig.7
60   SS-5-460-11 Jeweler Type Forceps 11cm Fig.3c
61   SS-5-461-11 Jeweler Type Forceps 11cm Fig.5
62   SS-5-462-11 Jeweler Type Forceps 11cm Fig.4
63   SS-5-463-18 Stille-Barraya Dissecting Forceps 18cm
64   SS-5-464-18 Bonney Dissecting Forceps
65   SS-5-465-23 Nelson Dissecting Forceps 23cm
66   SS-5-466-10 Dressing Forceps 9.5cm
67   SS-5-467-12 Splinter Dressing Forceps smooth jaw 12.5cm
68   SS-5-468-12 Splinter Dressing Forceps smooth jaw
69   SS-5-469-12 Splinter Dressing Forceps 12.5cm
70   SS-5-470-12 Splinter Dressing Forceps
71   SS-5-471-16 Micro Tying Forceps 15.5cm
72   SS-5-472-10 Microscopic Forceps super light, blunt 10cm
73   SS-5-473-10 Microscopic Forceps 10cm
74   SS-5-474-09 Shaaf Splinter Forceps 9.5cm
75   SS-5-475-08 Littauer Cilia Forceps 8.5cm
76   SS-5-476-09 Cilia Forceps 8.5cm
77   SS-5-477-09 Douglas Cilia Forceps 9cm
78   SS-5-478-09 Douglas Cilia Forceps
79   SS-5-479-09 Beer Cilia Forceps 9cm
80   SS-5-480-10 Barraquer Cilia Forceps smooth jaw 10.5cm
81   SS-5-481-13 Stieglitz Splinter Forceps 14cm
82   SS-5-482-11 Peet Splinter Forceps 12.5cm
83   SS-5-483-15 Ralk Splinter Forceps 15cm
Gynecology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-20-101 Cusco Vaginal Speculum 75 x 32 mm
2   SS-20-102-01 Cusco Vaginal Speculum 75 x 18 mm
3   SS-20-103-01 Cusco Vaginal Speculum 80 x 22 mm
4   SS-20-104-01 Cusco Vaginal Speculum 75 x 34 mm
5   SS-20-105-01 Collin Vaginal Speculum
6   SS-20-106-01 Pederson Vaginal Speculum
7   SS-20-107-01 Grave Vaginal Speculum
8   SS-20-108-01 Semm Vaginal Speculum
9   SS-20-109-01 Sims Vaginal Speculum
10   SS-20-110-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum 70 x 27 mm
11   SS-20-111-01 Kristeller Vaginal Retractor 75 x 23 mm
12   SS-20-112-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum Size 1
13   SS-20-113-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum 105 x 18 mm
14   SS-20-114-01 Kristeller Vaginal Retractor 110 x 14 mm
15   SS-20-115-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum Size 1
16   SS-20-116-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum 105 x 26 mm
17   SS-20-117-01 Kristeller Vaginal Retractor
18   SS-20-118-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum Size 1
19   SS-20-119-01 Kristeller Vaginal Speculum 110 x 27 mm
20   SS-20-120-01 Kristeller Vaginal Retractor 115 x 23 mm
21   SS-20-121-01 Kallmorgen Vaginal Speculum
22   SS-20-122-01 Kallmorgen Vaginal Retractor
23   SS-20-123-01 Kallmorgen Vaginal Speculum
24   SS-20-125-00 Scherbak Vaginal Speculum Size 1
25   SS-20-126-22 Auvard Vaginal Speculum 80 x 43 mm
26   SS-20-127-24 Weissbarth Vaginal Speculum 21 cm 80 x 42 mm
27   SS-20-128-20 Breisky Vaginal Speculum
28   SS-20-129-24 Kogan Endocervical Speculum 25 cm 70 x 30 mm
29   SS-20-130-24 Kogan Endocervical Speculum 24.5 cm
30   SS-20-131-24 Hegar Uterine Dilator 18.5 cm 1,0
31   SS-20-132-02 Hegar Uterine Dilator 20 cm 1,0
32   SS-20-133-10 Hank Uterine Dilator 26.5 cm Fig. 9/10
33   SS-20-134-32 Sims Uterine Sound 33 cm
34   SS-20-135-25 Valleix Uterine Sound 29.5 cm
35   SS-20-136-26 Braun Uterine Depressor 27.5 cm
36   SS-20-137-25 Schroder Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 25.5 cm
37   SS-20-138-25 Braun Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 26 cm
38   SS-20-139-28 Duplay Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 25.5 cm
39   SS-20-140-26 Beacham Amniotome 26 cm
40   SS-20-141-24 Skene Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 24 cm
41   SS-20-142-24 Schroder Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 25 cm
42   SS-20-143-23 Teale Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 23.5 cm
43   SS-20-144-26 Iowa Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 26 cm
44   SS-20-145-24 Museux Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 24 cm
45   SS-20-146-21 Jacobs Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 21 cm
46   SS-20-147-26 Gynecology Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 26.5 cm
47   SS-20-148-16 Braun Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 16 cm
48   SS-20-149-21 Czerny Uterine Tenaculum Forceps 21 cm
49   SS-20-150-32 Gynecology Uterine Polypus Forceps 32 cm
50   SS-20-151-27 Noto Uterine Polypus Forceps 27 cm
51   SS-20-152-25 Heywood-Smith Uterine Polypus Forceps 25 cm
52   SS-20-153-17 Doyen Myoma Screw 17 cm
53   SS-20-154-17 Doyen Myoma Screw 14.5 cm
54   SS-20-155-27 Segond Myoma Knife 28 cm
55   SS-20-156-27 Dartigues Uterine Seizing Forceps 28 cm
56   SS-20-157-27 Somer Uterine Seizing Forceps 22.5 cm
57   SS-20-158-25 Collin Uterine Seizing Forceps jaw 40 mm wide
58   SS-20-159-23 Ayre Conization Knife cutting edge 3,6 mm wide
59   SS-20-160-03 Emmett Fistula Hook 22 cm Fig.3
60   SS-20-161-22 Simon Fistula Hook 21.5 cm
61   SS-20-162-22 Simon Fistula Hook 21.5 cm
62   SS-20-163-23 Novak Suction Curette 4 mm
63   SS-20-164-23 Kevorkian Uterine Biopsy Curette 6,0 mm
64   SS-20-165-27 Munchen Uterine Biopsy Curette 4,8 mm
65   SS-20-166-23 Gellhorn Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 8,6 mm wide
66   SS-20-167-21 Faure Uterine Biopsy Forceps 21 cm
67   SS-20-168-21 Schubert Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 4,8 mm wide
68   SS-20-169-22 Thoms-Gaylor Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 5,6 mm
69   SS-20-170-26 Schubert Uterine Biopsy Forceps 25.5 cm
70   SS-20-171-24 Van Doren Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 4,9 mm wide
71   SS-20-172-28 Alexander Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 5,1 mm wide
72   SS-20-173-32 Kevorkian Uterine Biopsy Forceps 25 cm
73   SS-20-174-01 Schumacher Uterine Biopsy Forceps jaw 4,6 / 5,4 mm wide
74   SS-20-175-00 Schumacher Uterine Biopsy Forceps 25 cm
75   SS-20-176-22 Gynecology IUP Grasping Forceps 3 mm
76   SS-20-177-01 Simon Uterine Scoop
77   SS-20-178-01 Simon Uterine Scoop
78   SS-20-179-05 Recamier Uterine Curette 31 cm Fig. 00 5 mm
79   SS-20-180-05 Recamier Uterine Curette 31 cm Fig. 00 5 mm
80   SS-20-181-05 Sims Uterine Curette 31 cm Fig. 00 5 mm
81   SS-20-182-05 Sims Uterine Curette
82   SS-20-183-03 Gynecology Suction Curette
83   SS-20-184-01 Kallmorgen Vaginal Speculum
84   SS-20-185-01 Doyen Vaginal Speculum slightly concave 22 cm
85   SS-20-186-24 Doyen Vaginal Retractor 25 cm
86   SS-20-187-24 Schultze Salpingograph 29.5 cm
Haemostatic Forceps
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-601-14 Pean Haemostatic Forceps 16cm
2   SS-5-602-13 Spencer-Wells Haemostatic Forceps 13cm
3   SS-5-603-13 Spencer-Wells Haemostatic Forceps 14cm
4   SS-5-604-13 Chaput Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm
5   SS-5-605-13 Tuffier Haemostatic Forceps 12.5cm
6   SS-5-606-25 Organ Grasping Forceps
7   SS-5-607-14 Collin Organ Grasping Forceps 21cm
8   SS-5-608-17 Collin Tumor Grasping Forceps 17cm
9   SS-5-609-15 Pennington Haemostatic Forceps 15.5cm
10   SS-5-610-15 Pratt Haemostatic Forceps 15cm
11   SS-5-611-14 Martel-Rees Face-lift Forceps 13.5cm
12   SS-5-612-12 Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
13   SS-5-613-01 Mixter-Baby Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
14   SS-5-614-10 Hartmann Haemostatic Forceps 10cm
15   SS-5-615-12 Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
16   SS-5-616-18 Halsted-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps
17   SS-5-617-10 Mikro-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps
18   SS-5-618-14 Providence-Hospital Haemostatic Forceps
19   SS-5-619-15 Leriche Haemostatic Forceps
20   SS-5-620-14 Kelly Haemostatic Forceps 14cm
21   SS-5-621-16 Kelly-Rankin Haemostatic Forceps
22   SS-5-622-14 Overholt-Baby Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
23   SS-5-623-14 Crile Haemostatic Forceps
24   SS-5-624-16 Crile-Rankin Haemostatic Forceps
25   SS-5-625-15 Lovelace Haemostatic Forceps
26   SS-5-626-12 Dandy-Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps
27   SS-5-627-14 Dandy Haemostatic Forceps
28   SS-5-628-18 Schnidt Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
29   SS-5-629-18 Adson Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
30   SS-5-630-20 Martin-Fuchsig Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
31   SS-5-631-16 Rochester-Carmalt Haemostatic Forceps
32   SS-5-632-13 Pean Haemostatic Forceps
33   SS-5-633-14 Kocher-Nippon Haemostatic Forceps
34   SS-5-635-13 Kocher Haemostatic Forceps
35   SS-5-636-20 Bengolea Haemostatic Forceps
36   SS-5-637-14 Pean (Rochester) Haemostatic Forceps
37   SS-5-638-14 Kocher (Ochsner) Haemostatic Forceps
38   SS-5-639-14 Kocher (Ochsner) Haemostatic Forceps 14cm
39   SS-5-640-01 Overholt-Martin Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
40   SS-5-641-18 Mixter-Baby Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
41   SS-5-642-14 Adson-Baby Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
42   SS-5-643-20 Heiss Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
43   SS-5-644-21 Overholt-Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
44   SS-5-645-22 Roberts Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
45   SS-5-646-24 Sarot Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
46   SS-5-647-18 Crafoord Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
47   SS-5-648-01 Overholt-Geissendorfer Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
48   SS-5-649-00 Overholt-Fino Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
49   SS-5-650-00 Overholt Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
50   SS-5-651-01 Overholt-Mini Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
51   SS-5-652-13 Gemini Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
52   SS-5-653-18 Mini-Gemini Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
53   SS-5-654-01 Rumel Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
54   SS-5-655-01 Zenker Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
55   SS-5-656-14 Mixter-Baby Dissecting and Ligature Forceps 13.5cm
56   SS-5-657-15 Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
57   SS-5-658-19 Mixter-O Shaugnessy Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
58   SS-5-659-22 Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps 22.5cm
59   SS-5-660-23 Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps 23cm
60   SS-5-661-21 Wickstrom Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
61   SS-5-662-22 Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
62   SS-5-663-22 Mc Quigg-Mixter Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
63   SS-5-664-18 Lower Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
64   SS-5-665-19 Lahey Bile Duct Clamp
65   SS-5-666-24 Finochietto Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
66   SS-5-667-01 Uro-Tangential Forceps 25cm
67   SS-5-668-20 Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp 23cm
68   SS-5-669-23 Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp 24cm
69   SS-5-670-21 Desjardins Bile Duct Clamp 21cm
70   SS-5-671-19 Kelly Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
71   SS-5-672-28 Lawrence Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
72   SS-5-673-28 Meeker Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
73   SS-5-674-19 Negus Haemostatic Forceps
Intestines & Stomach
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-18-101-12 Allis-Baby Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 13 cm
2   SS-18-102-15 Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps
3   SS-18-103-16 Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps
4   SS-18-104-15 Allis-Adair Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 16cm
5   SS-18-105-15 Boys-Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 15.5cm
6   SS-18-106-20 Thoms-Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 20.5cm
7   SS-18-107-20 Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 20cm
8   SS-18-108-20 Lockwood Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 20cm
9   SS-18-109-16 Williams Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 16.5cm
10   SS-18-110-16 Babcock Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 21cm
11   SS-18-111-16 Babcock Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 24cm
12   SS-18-112-16 Babcock Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 16cm
13   SS-18-113-20 Duval Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 20.5cm
14   SS-18-114-18 Duval Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps 18cm
15   SS-18-115-21 Doyen Intestinal Clamp 23.5cm
16   SS-18-116-18 Doyen-Baby Intestinal Clamp 18cm
17   SS-18-117-21 Mayo-Robson Intestinal Clamp 21.5cm
18   SS-18-118-25 Mayo-Robson Intestinal Clamp 24.5cm
19   SS-18-119-22 Kocher Intestinal Clamp 25cm
20   SS-18-120-22 Kocher Intestinal Clamp
21   SS-18-121-16 Allen Intestinal Clamp
22   SS-18-122-15 Payr-Baby Intestinal and Pylorus Clamp 15cm
23   SS-18-123-21 Payr Intestinal and Pylorus Clamp 29cm
24   SS-18-124-07 Stone-Watt Intestinal Anastomosis Clamp 8.5cm
25   SS-18-125-15 Stone-Watt Closing Forceps
26   SS-18-126-18 Scheibe Organ Grasping Forceps 18cm
27   SS-18-127-13 Doyen-Baby Intestinal Clamp 14cm
28   SS-18-128-13 Doyen-Baby Intestinal Clamp 17cm
29   SS-18-129-25 Mayo-Robson Intestinal Clamp 26cm
30   SS-18-130-25 Mayo-Robson Intestinal Clamp 25cm
31   SS-18-131-22 Kocher Intestinal Clamp 28cm
32   SS-18-132-22 Kocher Intestinal Clamp 22cm
33   SS-18-133-33 Scudder Intestinal Clamp 33.5cm
34   SS-18-134-24 Brunner Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps 27cm
35   SS-18-135-26 Hayes Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps 27cm
36   SS-18-136-23 Veidenheimer Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps 25cm
37   SS-18-137-24 Fehland Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps 24cm
38   SS-18-138-30 Resano Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps 28cm
39   SS-18-139-15 Sims Rectal Speculum 15.5cm
40   SS-18-140-15 Sims Rectal Speculum
41   SS-18-141-19 Mathieu Rectal Speculum 19cm
42   SS-18-142-00 Intestines & Stomach Alan-Parks 14cm
43   SS-18-143-19 McGinvey Hemorrhoidal Grasping Forceps 19cm
44   SS-18-144-00 Intestines & Stomach Handle for biopsy forceps
45   SS-18-145-38 Rectal Biopsy Forceps
46   SS-18-146-21 Heywood-Smith Polypus Grasping Forceps 21cm
47   SS-18-147-05 De Martel-Wolfson Intestinal Anastomosis Clamp set of 3 clamps
48   SS-18-148-26 De Martel-Wolfson Closing Forceps 25cm
49   SS-18-149-08 De Martel-Wolfson Clamp Holders 9.5cm
50   SS-18-150-00 Stone-Watt Locking Device
51   SS-18-151-00 Petz Intestinal and Stomach Suturing Apparatus complete
52   SS-18-152-33 Scudder Intestinal Clamp 32.5cm
53   SS-18-153-10 Intestines & Stomach Rubber Rings
54   SS-18-154-42 Intestines & Stomach Tip only 42 cm
55   SS-18-155-42 Intestines & Stomach Tip only
56   SS-18-156-42 Intestines & Stomach Tip only A
57   SS-18-157-42 Intestines & Stomach Tip only
Needle Holder
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-4-105-14 Kalt Needle Holder 13.5CM
2   SS-4-106-10 Barraquer-Troutman Micro Needle Holder
3   SS-4-107-14 Arruga Micro Needle Holder
4   SS-4-108-10 Barraquer-Troutman
5   SS-4-109-11 Barraquer Micro Needle Holder 11.5CM
6   SS-4-110-13 Barraquer Micro Needle Holder 13.5CM
7   SS-4-111-01 Castroviejo-Fino Micro Needle Holder 13CM
8   SS-4-112-01 Castroviejo-Fino Micro Needle Holder
9   SS-4-113-01 Castroviejo-Fino very delicate jaw with lock
10   SS-4-114-14 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder with lock 14CM
11   SS-4-115-14 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder 14 cm
12   SS-4-121-14 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder with lock 14 cm
13   SS-4-122-14 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder 14 cm
14   SS-4-123-16 Arruga Needle Holder delicate 16 cm
15   SS-4-124-13 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder with lock 12 cm
16   SS-4-125-12 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder with lock 12 cm
17   SS-4-126-12 Derf Needle Holder 12 cm
18   SS-4-127-12 Collier Needle Holder 12.5 cm
19   SS-4-128-13 Webster Needle Holder 13 cm
20   SS-4-129-13 Halsey Needle Holder 13.5 cm
21   SS-4-130-13 Neivert Needle Holder 12.5 cm
22   SS-4-131-14 Hegar-Baumgartner Needle Holder 14.5 cm
23   SS-4-133-15 Crile-Murray Needle Holder 15 cm
24   SS-4-134-15 Crile-Wood Needle Holder 15 cm
25   SS-4-140-18 Adson Needle Holder one fenestrated jaw 18 cm
26   SS-4-141-18 Metzenbaum Needle Holder one grooved and fenestrated jaw 18.5 cm
27   SS-4-142-17 M. G. Hospital Needle Holder 17.5 cm
28   SS-4-143-14 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 14.5 cm
29   SS-4-144-16 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 16 cm
30   SS-4-145-13 Brown Needle Holder 13 cm
31   SS-4-146-21 Heaney Needle Holder 20.5 cm
32   SS-4-147-23 Jamison Needle Holder 23.5 cm
33   SS-4-148-27 Masson Needle Holder 26.5 cm
34   SS-4-149-27 Finochietto Needle Holder 26.5 cm
35   SS-4-150-27 Wangensteen Needle Holder 26.5 cm
36   SS-4-151-27 Johnson Needle Holder 27 cm
37   SS-4-152-23 Stratte Needle Holder 23 cm
38   SS-4-153-14 Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder 14 cm
39   SS-4-154-16 Gillies Needle Holder 16 cm
40   SS-4-155-15 Crile Needle Holder 15 cm
41   SS-4-156-14 Mathieu Needle Holder 14 cm
42   SS-4-157-14 Mathieu Needle Holder 16.5 cm
43   SS-4-158-18 Toennis Needle Holder 18.5 cm
44   SS-4-159-20 Lichtenberg Needle Holder 20 cm
45   SS-4-160-16 Micro Needle Holder 16 cm
46   SS-4-161-17 Micro Needle Holder 23 cm
47   SS-4-162-18 Hepp-Scheidel Micro Needle Holder smooth jaw 18 cm
48   SS-4-163-13 Webster Needle Holder with automatic release ratchet also for lefthanders
49   SS-4-164-15 Micro Needle Holder 21 cm
50   SS-4-165-18 JABOMA Micro Needle Holder 18 cm
51   SS-4-166 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder 14.5 cm
52   SS-4-167 Arruga Needle Holder 16 cm
53   SS-4-168-13 Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder 12.5 cm
54   SS-4-169-13 Barraquer Micro Needle Holder 13 cm
55   SS-4-170-13 Barraquer Micro Needle Holder 13cm
56   SS-4-171-13 Webster Needle Holder 13cm
57   SS-4-172-13 Kilner Needle Holder 13cm
58   SS-4-173-12 Derf Needle Holder 12cm
59   SS-4-174-13 Hegar-Baumgartner
60   SS-4-175-12 Halsey Needle Holder
61   SS-4-176-15 Crile-Wood Needle Holder 15cm
62   SS-4-177-18 Sarot Needle Holder
63   SS-4-178-16 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder standard profile
64   SS-4-179-20 Heaney Needle Holder
65   SS-4-180-18 DeBakey Needle Holder delicate pattern mini profile
66   SS-4-181-27 Masson Needle Holder 26.5cm
67   SS-4-182-13 Ryder (Martin) Needle Holder
68   SS-4-183-15 Martin Needle Holder mini profile elastic type
69   SS-4-184-27 Wangensteen Needle Holder standard profile
70   SS-4-185-14 Hegar-Vascular Needle Holder micro profile
71   SS-4-186-20 Bozemann Needle Holder standard profile
72   SS-4-187-20 Hegar Needle Holder standard profile
73   SS-4-188-22 Stratte Needle Holder standard profile 23cm
74   SS-4-189-00 Microvascular Needle Holder slender pattern micro profile
75   SS-4-190-14 Mathieu Needle Holder
76   SS-4-191-14 Mathieu Needle Holder 14cm
77   SS-4-192-17 Mathieu Needle Holder standard profile with interior ratchet
78   SS-4-193-18 Toennis Needle Holder 18.5cm
79   SS-4-194-20 Lichtenberg Needle Holder lightweight model standard profile 20cm
80   SS-4-195-18 Langenbeck Needle Holder
81   SS-4-196-20 Zweifel Needle Holder with hinged ratchet standard profile
82   SS-4-197-12 Michel Clip Applying Forceps 12cm
83   SS-4-198-12 Hegenbarth Clip Applying Forceps 12cm
Neurosurgery Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-8-101-01 Gigli Wire Saw Handle
2   SS-8-102-33 De Martel Wire Saw Guide 33cm
3   SS-8-103-01 Crutchfield Skull Traction Tong small pattern
4   SS-8-104-01 Skull Traction Tong large pattern 22.5cm
5   SS-8-105-20 Dahlgren Cranial Rongeur 20cm
6   SS-8-106-14 Olivecrona-Toennis Clip Applying Forceps
7   SS-8-107-19 McKenzie Clip Applying Forceps 18.5cm
8   SS-8-108-18 Olivecrona Dura Dissector 18cm
9   SS-8-109-19 Olivecrona Dura Dissector
10   SS-8-110-21 Milligan Dura Dissector 21.5cm
11   SS-8-111-21 Davis Dura Dissector sharp 21.5cm
12   SS-8-112-22 Dura Dissector 22cm
13   SS-8-113-24 Davis Dura Dissector 24.5 cm
14   SS-8-114-19 Love Nerve Root Retractor 18cm
15   SS-8-115-18 Olivecrona Brain Spatula
16   SS-8-116-23 Scoville Nerve Root Retractor 8mm
17   SS-8-117-24 Holsher Nerve Root Retractor 23.5cm
18   SS-8-118-19 Scoville Nerve Root Retractor 7mm
19   SS-8-119-26 Groningen Nerve Hook 26.5cm
20   SS-8-120-26 Groningen Nerve Hook
21   SS-8-121-19 Cushing Nerve Hook blunt 19cm
22   SS-8-122-19 Cushing Nerve Hook 28cm
23   SS-8-123-17 Smithwick Nerve Hook 21cm
24   SS-8-125-20 Halle Dura Knife 20cm
25   SS-8-126-20 Adson Dura Hook 20cm
26   SS-8-127-16 Graham Dura Hook blunt 16.5cm
27   SS-8-128-18 Sachs Dura Hook sharp 18cm
28   SS-8-129-15 Tinnis Dura Hook sharp 14.5cm
29   SS-8-130-13 Frazier Dura Hook sharp
30   SS-8-131-01 Krayenbuhl Nerve and Vessel Hooklet
31   SS-8-132-16 Cloward Lamina Spreader 16cm
32   SS-8-133-17 Inge Lamina Spreader 16cm
33   SS-8-134-27 Inge Lamina Spreader 25.5cm
34   SS-8-135-03 Ferris-Smith Kerrison
35   SS-8-136-01 Ferris-Smith Kerrison
36   SS-8-137-01 Cushing Laminectomy Rongeur jaw 2 x 10 to 4 x 10mm straight shaft length 180mm
37   SS-8-138-01 Cushing Laminectomy Rongeur jaw 2 x 10 to 4 x 10mm
38   SS-8-139-01 Ferris-Smith Kerrison Laminectomy Punch
39   SS-8-140-30 Gigli Wire Saw 30cm
40   SS-8-141-21 De Vilbiss Cranial Rongeur 20.5cm
41   SS-8-142-22 Cone Cranial Punch 22.5cm
42   SS-8-143-00 McKenzie Clips silver
43   SS-8-144-00 Kölner Scalp Clip
44   SS-8-145-00 Raney Scalp Clip black
45   SS-8-146-00 Raney Applying/Removal Forceps 15.5cm
46   SS-8-147-00 Toennis Dura Dissector 26cm
47   SS-8-148-21 Sachs Dura Dissector sharp 20.5cm
48   SS-8-149-01 Penfield Dura Dissector 20.5cm
49   SS-8-150-18 Olivecrona Brain Spatula 18cm
Obstetrics Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-21-101-34 Martin Pelvimeter cm, inch scale
2   SS-21-105-36 Simpson Obstetrical Forceps 36.5 cm
3   SS-21-106-41 Kielland Obstetrical Forceps 42 cm
4   SS-21-107-21 Green-Armytage Uterine Clamp 21 cm
5   SS-21-108-28 Sellheim Obstetrical Lever 32 cm
6   SS-21-109-27 Sanger Placenta and Ovum Forceps 27 cm
7   SS-21-110-01 Winter Placenta and Ovum Forceps 28 cm Fig. 1
8   SS-21-111-01 Cuzzi Placenta Scoop Placenta Scoop
9   SS-21-112-30 Pestalozza Placenta Scoop 30 cm
10   SS-21-113-08 Kane Umbilical Cord Clamp 8.5 cm
11   SS-21-114-09 Collin Umbilical Cord Clamp 8.5 cm
12   SS-5-102-36 Nagele Obstetrical Forceps 35 cm
13   SS-5-103-30 Simpson Obstetrical Forceps 31 cm
14   SS-5-104-28 Wrigley Obstetrical Forceps 28 cm
Ophthalmology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-11-101-03 Ophthalmology Barraquer (Colibri) Size 1
2   SS-11-102-07 Ophthalmology Bowman Size 1
3   SS-11-103-06 Ophthalmology Critchett Size 1
4   SS-11-104-05 Ophthalmology Smith Size 1
5   SS-11-105-08 Ophthalmology Clark Size 1
6   SS-11-106-06 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
7   SS-11-107-08 Ophthalmology Week Size 1
8   SS-11-108-07 Ophthalmology Arruga Size 1
9   SS-11-109-07 Ophthalmology Arruga Size 1
10   SS-11-110-05 Ophthalmology Murdock Size 1
11   SS-11-111-07 Ophthalmology Mellinger Axenfeld Size 1
12   SS-11-112-07 Ophthalmology Mellinger Axenfeld Size 1
13   SS-11-113-07 Ophthalmology Mellinger Size 1
14   SS-11-114-08 Ophthalmology Lister Burch Size 1
15   SS-11-115-08 Ophthalmology Williams Size 1
16   SS-11-116-07 Ophthalmology Lancaster Size 1
17   SS-11-118-08 Ophthalmology Ziegler Size 1
18   SS-11-119-07 Ophthalmology Mueller Size 1
19   SS-11-1193-11 Ophthalmology Knapp Luer Size 1
20   SS-11-120-07 Ophthalmology Mueller Size 1
21   SS-11-121-11 Ophthalmology Jaeger Size 1
22   SS-11-122-03 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
23   SS-11-123-01 Ophthalmology Jaegar Size 1
24   SS-11-124-13 Ophthalmology Berens Size 1
25   SS-11-126-01 Ophthalmology Ziegler Size 1
26   SS-11-127-12 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
27   SS-11-128-12 Ophthalmology Wheeler Size 1
28   SS-11-129-05 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
29   SS-11-130-12 Ophthalmology Dix Size 1
30   SS-11-131-13 Ophthalmology Dix Size 1
31   SS-11-132-13 Ophthalmology Dix Size 1
32   SS-11-133-07 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
33   SS-11-134-13 Ophthalmology Connin Amsler Size 1
34   SS-11-135-06 Ophthalmology Dastoor Size 1
35   SS-11-136-09 Ophthalmology Holth Size 1
36   SS-11-137-03 Ophthalmology Wilder Size 1
37   SS-11-138-12 Ophthalmology Ziegler Size 1
38   SS-11-139-12 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
39   SS-11-140-78 Ophthalmology Bowman Size 1
40   SS-11-141-07 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
41   SS-11-142-07 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
42   SS-11-143-07 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
43   SS-11-144-07 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
44   SS-11-145-07 Ophthalmology Fischer Size 1
45   SS-11-146-07 Ophthalmology Barraquer Katzin Size 1
46   SS-11-147-07 Ophthalmology Troutman Size 1
47   SS-11-148-07 Ophthalmology Barraquer Size 1
48   SS-11-149-07 Ophthalmology Barraquer Size 1
49   SS-11-150-09 Ophthalmology McCullough Size 1
50   SS-11-151-09 Ophthalmology McCullough Size 1
51   SS-11-152-10 Ophthalmology Jameson Size 1
52   SS-11-153-10 Ophthalmology Jameson Size 1
53   SS-11-154-10 Ophthalmology Bonaccolto Size 1
54   SS-11-155-10 Ophthalmology Bonaccolto Size 1
55   SS-11-156-10 Ophthalmology Dastoor Size 1
56   SS-11-157-10 Ophthalmology Dastoor Size 1
57   SS-11-158-05 Ophthalmology Bishop Harman Size 1
58   SS-11-159-08 Ophthalmology Bishop Harman Size 1
59   SS-11-160-05 Ophthalmology Bishop Harman Size 1
60   SS-11-161-08 Ophthalmology Bishop Harman Size 1
61   SS-11-162-07 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
62   SS-11-163-07 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
63   SS-11-164-10 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
64   SS-11-165-10 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
65   SS-11-166-10 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
66   SS-11-167-10 Ophthalmology Mod Bonn Size 1
67   SS-11-168-10 Ophthalmology Prince Size 1
68   SS-11-169-10 Ophthalmology Prince Size 1
69   SS-11-170-20 Ophthalmology Berke Size 1
70   SS-11-171-08 Ophthalmology Troutman Size 1
71   SS-11-172-05 Ophthalmology Barraquer Size 1
72   SS-11-173-11 Ophthalmology Elsching Size 1
73   SS-11-174-11 Ophthalmology Graefe Size 1
74   SS-11-175-09 Ophthalmology Lester Size 1
75   SS-11-176-09 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
76   SS-11-177-09 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
77   SS-11-178-09 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
78   SS-11-179-09 Ophthalmology Barraquer Size 1
79   SS-11-180-10 Ophthalmology Green Size 1
80   SS-11-181-07 Ophthalmology Gill Arruga Size 1
81   SS-11-182-01 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
82   SS-11-183-05 Ophthalmology Castroviejo Size 1
83   SS-11-184-10 Ophthalmology Moorfield Size 1
84   SS-11-185-07 Ophthalmology St Martin Size 1
85   SS-11-186-10 Ophthalmology Mod Tubingen Size 1
86   SS-11-187-10 Ophthalmology McPherson Size 1
87   SS-11-188-10 Ophthalmology McPherson Size 1
88   SS-11-189-09 Ophthalmology Ayer Size 1
89   SS-11-190-09 Ophthalmology Ayer Size 1
90   SS-11-191-09 Ophthalmology Desmarres Size 1
91   SS-11-192-10 Ophthalmology Snellen Size 1
92   SS-11-194-28 Ophthalmology Scheie Size 1
93   SS-11-195-45 Ophthalmology Mod Tubingen Size 1
94   SS-11-196-00 Ophthalmology Elliot Size 1
95   SS-11-197-09 Ophthalmology Beer Size 1
96   SS-11-198-10 Ophthalmology Barraquer Size 1
97   SS-11-199-09 Ophthalmology Douglas Size 1
98   SS-11-200-09 Ophthalmology Gradle Size 1
Oral Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-14-101-16 Terry Oral Elevator 17cm
2   SS-14-102-00 Terry Periosteal Oral Elevator 18cm
3   SS-14-103-01 Oral Sinus Lift Curette 18cm
4   SS-14-104-13 Heister Oral Mouth Gag 13cm
5   SS-14-105-11 Molt Oral Mouth Gag 11cm
6   SS-14-106-12 Denhart Oral Mouth Gag 13cm
7   SS-14-107-16 Roser-Konig Mouth Gag 16cm
8   SS-14-108-16 Roser-Knig Mouth Gag 13.5cm
9   SS-14-109-09 Jennings Mouth Gag 10.5cm
10   SS-14-110-00 Oringer Lip and Cheek Retractor 10cm
11   SS-14-111-11 Martin-Simplex Cheek Retractor 10.5cm
12   SS-14-112-14 Oral Vestibulum Retractor 14cm
13   SS-14-113-14 Sternberg Lip and Cheek Retractor 14cm
14   SS-14-114-12 Obwegeser Cheek Retractor 12cm
15   SS-14-115-15 Cawood-Minnesota Cheek Retractor 15cm
16   SS-14-116-00 Oral Cheek Retractor 14.5cm
17   SS-14-117-15 Hartmann Tongue Depressor 15cm
18   SS-14-118-14 Tobold Tongue Depressor 15cm
19   SS-14-119-14 Tobold Tongue Depressor 14.5cm
20   SS-14-120-16 Oral Tongue Spatula 16cm
21   SS-14-121-15 Oral Tongue Spatula 15cm
22   SS-14-122-18 Martin Tongue Spatula 18.5cm
23   SS-14-123-18 Doyen Tongue Spatula 13.5cm
24   SS-14-124-19 Brnings Tongue Spatula 19cm
25   SS-14-125-17 Collin Tongue Holding Forceps 17cm
26   SS-14-126-17 Young Tongue Holding Forceps 15cm
27   SS-14-127-40 Obwegeser Soft Tissue Retractor 21.5cm
28   SS-14-128-22 Obwegeser Nasal Spine Retractor 22cm
29   SS-14-129-22 Obwegeser Ramus Retractor 22cm
30   SS-14-130-16 Obwegeser Chin Retractor 16.5cm
31   SS-14-131-18 Obwegeser Channel Retractor 17cm
32   SS-14-132-01 Oral Retractor 18.5cm
33   SS-14-133-01 Oral Periosteal Elevator 18cm
34   SS-14-134-06 Obwegeser Periosteal Elevator 17.5cm
35   SS-14-135-21 Obwegeser Oral Elevator 20.5cm
36   SS-14-136-21 Gillies Zygoma Elevator 20cm
37   SS-14-137-21 Obwegeser Oral Elevator 20.5cm
38   SS-14-138-01 Rowe Disimpaction Forceps 22.5cm
39   SS-14-139-01 Rowe Disimpaction Forceps
40   SS-14-140-21 Dingmann Zygoma Elevator 21cm
41   SS-14-141-19 Dingmann-Wilk Retractor 20cm
42   SS-14-142-01 Jeter-Van Sickels Bone Holding Forceps 18cm
43   SS-14-143-01 Keen Bone Holding Forceps 17.5cm
44   SS-14-144-01 Steinhauser Bone Holding Forceps 13cm
45   SS-14-145-25 Wolford Bone Holding Forceps 25cm
46   SS-14-146-16 Salyer Bone Holding Forceps 16cm
47   SS-14-147-00 Bauer Osteotome 20.5cm
48   SS-14-148-00 Bauer Oral Osteotome 20.5cm
49   SS-14-149-01 Epker-Bauer Osteotome 17.5cm
50   SS-14-150-04 Dautrey-Munro Osteotome 16cm
51   SS-14-151-04 Dunn-Dautrey Osteotome 16.5cm
52   SS-14-152-01 Dunn-Dautrey Osteotome 17cm
53   SS-14-153-04 Epker Oral Osteotome 18cm
54   SS-14-154-19 Hargis Anterior Border Stripper 19cm
55   SS-14-155-01 Hargis Periosteal Elevator 23cm
56   SS-14-156-18 Hargis Periform Rim Retractor 18.5cm
57   SS-14-157-22 Hargis Pterygoid Osteotome 22cm
58   SS-14-158-01 Smith Sagittal Split Separator 17cm
59   SS-14-159-16 Terry Mandibular Retractor 16.5cm
60   SS-14-160-24 Terry Ramus Pusher 24cm
61   SS-14-161-00 Terry Occlusal Wegde
62   SS-14-162-18 Steinhauser Oral Elevator 18.5cm
63   SS-14-163-07 Steinhauser Ramus Osteotome 17cm
64   SS-14-164-07 Steinhauser Chisel 19cm
65   SS-14-165-01 Steinhauser Periosteal Elevator 16cm
66   SS-14-166-16 Steinhauser Oral Instruments 16.5cm
67   SS-14-167-05 Steinhauser Orbital Osteotome 18cm
68   SS-14-168-06 Wolford Osteotome 23cm
69   SS-14-169-16 Terry Graft Packer 11cm
70   SS-14-170-13 Oral Graft Packer 13cm
71   SS-14-171-13 Oral Sinus Lift Curette 16.5cm
72   SS-14-172-45 Lindemann Burr for vertical cuts in the buccal aspect of the mandible
73   SS-14-173-01 Adams Napkin Holder
74   SS-14-174-02 Langenbeck Finger Protector 21mm
75   SS-14-175-10 Maunder Mouth Gag wood
76   SS-14-176-02 Pitha Mouth Gag silicone
77   SS-14-177-02 McKesson Mouth Gag plastic coated metal frame without chain
78   SS-14-178-02 McKesson Mouth Gag plastic coated metal frame with chain
79   SS-14-179-11 Obwegeser Mouth Gag
80   SS-14-180-00 Kilner-Doughty Chest Support adjustable height
81   SS-14-181-00 Kilner-Doughty Mouth Gag complete
82   SS-14-182-00 Davis-Boyle Mouth Gag complete
83   SS-14-183-00 Dingmann Mouth Gag complete with frame
84   SS-14-184-00 Bishop Lip and Cheek Retractor 13.5cm
85   SS-14-185-01 Wieder Tongue Depressor 14cm
86   SS-14-186-02 Young Rubber Inserts
87   SS-14-187-24 Extra Oral Retractor 22cm
88   SS-14-188-24 Intra Oral Retractor 25,5 mm for lefort osteotomies
89   SS-14-189-21 Intra Oral Retractor 26,5 / 16 mm right
90   SS-14-190-25 Intra Oral Retractor 25,5 / 27mm, for vertical osteotomiy
91   SS-14-191-28 Intra Oral Retractor 12,5 / 27 mm l&m, for vertical osteotomiy with fiber optic light carrier
92   SS-14-192-24 Shea Multi purpose Retractor 14, 5 with fiber optic light carrier
93   SS-14-193-10 Schuchardt Progeny Retractor 15cm
94   SS-14-194-05 Obwegeser Periosteal Elevator 5mm
95   SS-14-195-01 Obwegeser Periosteal Elevator
96   SS-14-196-21 Obwegeser Oral Elevator
97   SS-14-197-01 Schuchardt Lattice Splint
98   SS-14-198-00 Oral Wire Pusher
99   SS-14-198-13 Dautrey Lattice Splint 13cm
100   SS-14-199-00 Erich Arch Bar
101   SS-14-200-00 Sakamoto Measuring Forceps 14cm
102   SS-14-201-01 Arnhem LeFort I Retractor 22cm
103   SS-14-202-01 Arnhem Sinus Lift Retractor 22cm
104   SS-14-203-04 Epker Osteotome 4 1,2mm
105   SS-14-204-06 Epker Osteotome 18cm
106   SS-14-205-00 Hargis Lip and Cheek Retractors 16cm
107   SS-14-206-01 Hargis Ramus Retractor 19.5cm
108   SS-14-207-18 Hargis Mandibular Body Retractor 18cm
109   SS-14-208-19 Hargis Bone Holding Forceps 19cm
110   SS-14-209-01 Smith Sagittal Split Separator 18.5cm
111   SS-14-210-20 Smith Ramus Separator 23.5cm
112   SS-14-211-17 Terry Wire Introducer 17cm
113   SS-14-212-19 Terry Septal Osteotome 19cm
114   SS-14-213-01 Terry Duct Retractor 15cm
115   SS-14-214-17 Turvey Palatal Expander 17cm
116   SS-14-215-00 Steinhauser Mandibular Retractor 27cm
117   SS-14-216-01 Steinhauser Ramus Clamp 16cm
118   SS-14-217-18 Steinhauser Reposition Instrument 18cm
119   SS-14-218-01 Steinhauser Zygomatic Retractor 23cm
Otology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-12-101-01 Micro Ear Forceps shaft length 80mm, smooth straight, serrated straight
2   SS-12-102-01 Micro Ear Forceps shaft length 80mm, straight, bent upwards
3   SS-12-103-01 Bellucci Micro Ear Scissors shaft length 80mm
4   SS-12-104-11 McGee Wire Bending Forceps Wire Bending Forceps shaft length 80mm
5   SS-12-105-01 House-Dieter Malleus Nipper shaft length 80mm
6   SS-12-106-01 Fuller Introducing Forceps shaft length 80mm
7   SS-12-107-02 Schuknecht Rotary Knife
8   SS-12-108-01 Rosen Circular Cut Knife 15cm Fig.1 3mm
9   SS-12-109-01 Barbara Micro Ear Needle 0,3mm to 2,5mm
10   SS-12-110-01 Micro Ear Hook 0,3mm to 1,0mm
11   SS-12-111-06 Micro Ear Hook 0,3mm to 3,0mm, 25, 45, 90 degree
12   SS-12-112-01 House Micro Measuring Rod 15.5 cm 3,5mm
13   SS-12-113-01 House Micro Curette 14.5cm
14   SS-12-114-03 Hartmann Ear Specula, Set 3.6cm Fig.0
15   SS-12-115-00 Zollner Ear Specula, Set 3.8cm
16   SS-12-116-01 Farrior Ear Speculum 3.6cm
17   SS-12-117-12 Martin-Alloy Tuning Fork
18   SS-12-118-10 Hartmann Tuning Fork
19   SS-12-119-10 Lucae Tuning Fork
20   SS-12-120-10 Hartmann Tuning Fork cm C128
21   SS-12-121-11 Hartmann Tuning Fork C256
22   SS-12-122-01 Hartmann Ear Catheter 15cm
23   SS-12-123-11 Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps 10.5cm
24   SS-12-124-12 Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps 11cm
25   SS-12-125-13 Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps 12.5cm
26   SS-12-126-14 Grunwald Ear Forceps 14.5cm
27   SS-12-127-16 Jansen Ear Forceps 16cm
28   SS-12-128-12 Littauer Ear Polypus Forceps 10cm
29   SS-12-129-12 Hartmann Ear Polypus Forceps 12cm
30   SS-12-130-14 Hartmann Ear Polypus Forceps
31   SS-12-131-08 Hartmann-Wullstein Ear Polypus Forceps shaft length 85mm
32   SS-12-132-17 Citelli Mastoid Rongeur 3mm cut
33   SS-12-133-19 Beyer Mastoid Rongeur 2mm cut
34   SS-12-134-14 Beyer Mastoid Rongeur 1mm cut
35   SS-12-135-13 Langenbeck Ear Curette 13cm
36   SS-12-136-01 Shapleigh Ear Curette 15cm
37   SS-12-137-02 Buck Ear Curette 17cm
38   SS-12-138-15 Jansen Ear Scoop 17cm
39   SS-12-139-12 Gross Ear Scoop/Hook 13cm
40   SS-12-140-01 Weber-Loch Foreign Body Instrument 16.5cm
41   SS-12-141-01 Billeau Ear Loop 16cm
42   SS-12-142-16 Zaufal Foreign Body Lever 15cm
43   SS-12-143-01 Wagener Ear Hooklet 14cm Fig.1
44   SS-12-144-01 Day Ear Hooklet 17cm
45   SS-12-145-16 Politzer Tympanum Needle 15.5cm
46   SS-12-146-18 Lucae Tympanum Needle 17.5cm
47   SS-12-147-20 Lempert Micro Ear Periosteal Elevator 20.5cm
48   SS-12-148-17 Lempert Micro Ear Periosteal Elevator 18cm
49   SS-12-149-10 Lempert Ear Scoop 21.5cm
50   SS-12-150-00 Otology Ear Syringe
51   SS-12-151-12 Ear Specula Storage Rack
52   SS-12-152-07 French Tuning Fork
53   SS-12-153-10 Martin Tuning Fork 1
54   SS-12-154-10 Martin Tuning Fork
55   SS-12-155-10 Lucae Tuning Fork
56   SS-12-156-10 Rydel-Seiffert Tuning Fork also for Neurology C64 / C128 with dampers = C64 without dampers = C128
57   SS-12-157-00 Neuro Tuning Fork with hammer, pinwheel, brush and needle
58   SS-12-158-59 König Tuning Fork A109 movable up to g
59   SS-12-159-61 Otology Tuning Fork
60   SS-12-160-16 Krause Polypus Snare
61   SS-12-161-16 Krause-Voss Polypus Snare
62   SS-12-162-30 Snare Wire 0.3mm coil of 10m
63   SS-12-163-11 Buck Foreign Body Lever 11.5cm
64   SS-12-164-11 Quire Foreign Body Lever 10.5cm
65   SS-12-165-11 Buck Ear Curette blunt 17cm
66   SS-12-166-16 Moldenhauer Foreign Body Lever 15.5cm
67   SS-12-167-16 Hartmann Ear Hooklet sharp 16cm
68   SS-12-168-01 Lucae Ear Hooklet 14cm
69   SS-12-169-16 Politzer Furuncle Knife 14.5cm
70   SS-12-170-16 Politzer Tympanum Lancet 17.5cm
71   SS-12-171-16 Politzer Tympanum Needle 16cm
72   SS-12-172-18 Lucae Tympanum Needle
73   SS-12-173-00 Kabierske Atomizer complete with 3 cannulas and rubber bulb
74   SS-12-174-00 Kabierske Atomizer complete with 3 cannulas and rubber bulb and metal base
75   SS-12-175-00 Universal Atomizer complete with movable tube, screw bottle 30 ccm and rubber bulb
76   SS-12-176-00 Politzer Air Bag complete with 3 nasal olives
77   SS-12-177-00 Ear Syringe Self Filling in plastic pouch
Rhinology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-13-101-01 Goldsmith (Thudichum) Nasal Speculum 6.5cm
2   SS-13-102-01 Hartmann-Halle Nasal Speculum 15.5cm
3   SS-13-103-13 Martin Nasal Speculum 13cm
4   SS-13-104-13 Martin Nasal Speculum 12.5cm
5   SS-13-105-13 Tieck-Halle Nasal Speculum 13cm
6   SS-13-106-01 Killian Nasal Speculum 13cm
7   SS-13-107-14 Modell Wien Nasal Speculum 13.5cm
8   SS-13-108-35 Cottle Nasal Speculum 13.5cm
9   SS-13-109-45 Cottle Nasal Tampon Forceps 13.5cm
10   SS-13-110-15 Cottle Nasal Tampon Forceps 14.5cm
11   SS-13-111-18 Traltsch Nasal Tampon Forceps 18cm
12   SS-13-112-20 Grunwald (Jansen) Nasal Tampon Forceps 21.5cm
13   SS-13-113-20 Lubet-Barbon Nasal Tampon Forceps 18.5cm
14   SS-13-114-20 Lubet-Barbon Nasal Tampon Forceps
15   SS-13-115-16 Killian Septum Forceps 16cm
16   SS-13-116-12 Takahashi Ethmoid Bone Forceps 19cm
17   SS-13-117-10 Watson-Williams Ethmoid Bone Forceps 19cm
18   SS-13-118-01 Weil-Blakesley Nasal Cutting Forceps 12cm
19   SS-13-119-01 Weil-Blakesley Ethmoid Bone Forceps shaft length 120mm
20   SS-13-120-01 Struycken Nasal Cutting Forcepsa 19cm
21   SS-13-121-01 Hartmann Nasal Cutting Forceps 19cm
22   SS-13-122-12 Schmeden Nasal Cutting Forceps 19cm
23   SS-13-123-17 Ferris-Smith-Kerrison Sphenoid Bone Punch 18cm
24   SS-13-124-03 Ferris-Smith-Kerrison Sphenoid Bone Punch 18cm
25   SS-13-125-00 Kerrison Antrum Punch 3 1/4
26   SS-13-126-01 Joseph Rhinoplastic Knife 15cm
27   SS-13-127-16 Fomon Rhinoplastic Knife 16.5cm
28   SS-13-128-16 Converse Rhinoplastic Knife 16cm
29   SS-13-129-15 Cottle Rhinoplastic Knife 14cm
30   SS-13-130-15 Freer Mucosa Knife 16.5cm
31   SS-13-131-04 McKenty Septum Elevator 15cm
32   SS-13-132-16 Halle Septum Elevator 16cm
33   SS-13-133-16 Joseph Septum Elevator 16cm
34   SS-13-134-20 Freer Septum Elevator 19cm
35   SS-13-135-22 McKenty Septum Elevator 20.5cm
36   SS-13-136-19 Ballenger-Hajek Septum Elevator 19cm
37   SS-13-137-22 Cottle Septum Elevator 23cm
38   SS-13-138-21 Masing Periosteal Elevator 19.5cm
39   SS-13-139-21 Cottle Periosteal Elevato 22cm
40   SS-13-140-16 Joseph Periosteal Elevator 18cm
41   SS-13-141-15 Freer Septum Gouge 15cm
42   SS-13-142-16 Killian Septum Gouge 16cm
43   SS-13-143-16 Killian-Claus Septum Gouge 16cm
44   SS-13-144-04 Cottle Osteotome 18.5cm
45   SS-13-145-06 Cottle Osteotome 18.5cm
46   SS-13-146-16 Cottle Osteotome 18.5cm
47   SS-13-147-03 Walter Gouge 19cm
48   SS-13-148-04 Fomon Chisel 16cm
49   SS-13-149-01 Neivert-Anderson Osteotome 20.5cm
50   SS-13-150-01 Sheehan Osteotome 15cm
51   SS-13-151-01 Silver Rhinoplastic Chisel 18cm
52   SS-13-152-01 Parkes Osteotome 16cm
53   SS-13-153-20 Joseph Nasal Saw 17cm
54   SS-13-154-00 Joseph Nasal Saw 19cm
55   SS-13-155-18 Maltz Nasal Rasp 17.5cm
56   SS-13-156-01 Maltz Nasal Rasp 17cm
57   SS-13-157-01 Joseph Bone File 16cm
58   SS-13-158-21 Cottle Nasal Rasp 20.5cm
59   SS-13-159-21 Aufricht Glabella Rasp 21cm
60   SS-13-160-18 Lewis Nasal Rasp 19cm
61   SS-13-161-18 Lewis Nasal Rasp 19cm
62   SS-13-162-01 Fomon Bone File 20.5cm
63   SS-13-163-01 Cottle Nasal Hook 17cm
64   SS-13-164-01 Converse Nasal Retractor 9cm
65   SS-13-165-12 Converse Alar Hooklet 11.5cm
66   SS-13-166-15 Freer Mucosa Hooklet 15cm
67   SS-13-167-02 Joseph Mucosa Hooklet 16.5cm
68   SS-13-168-20 Cottle-Neivert Alar Hooklet 19.5cm
69   SS-13-169-15 Cottle Saddle Hook 14cm
70   SS-13-170-20 Kressner Septum Forceps 21cm
71   SS-13-171-01 Cottle-Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps 23cm
72   SS-13-172-23 Asch Septum Straightening Forceps 22.5cm
73   SS-13-173-11 Ogura Skin Grasping Forceps 11cm
74   SS-13-174-01 Beckmann Adenoid Curette 22.5cm
75   SS-13-175-26 Krause Polypus Snare shaft 3mm
76   SS-13-176-26 Krause-Voss Polypus Snare shaft 3mm
77   SS-13-177-12 Snare Wire 10.5cm
78   SS-13-178-16 Hartmann Nasal Polypus Forceps 15cm
79   SS-13-179-18 Knight Septum Forceps 17cm
80   SS-13-180-18 Graig Septum Forceps 16cm
81   SS-13-181-01 Septum Forceps 16cm
82   SS-13-182-01 Lucae Ethmoid Bone Forceps 18.5cm
83   SS-13-183-01 Lucae Ethmoid Bone Forceps
84   SS-13-184-01 Brunings Septum Forceps 16.5cm
85   SS-13-185-01 Weil-Blakesley Ethmoid Bone Forceps
86   SS-13-186-01 Stammberger Antrum Punch
87   SS-13-187-19 Middleton-Jansen Septum Forceps 19cm
88   SS-13-188-19 Middleton-Jansen Septum Forceps
89   SS-13-189-19 Caplan Septum Forceps 20cm
90   SS-13-190-01 Rubin Protection Cap
91   SS-13-191-01 Hajek Sphenoid Bone Punch shaft length 140 mm up cutting cut 4 4mm
92   SS-13-192-15 Cottle Rhinoplastic Knife
93   SS-13-193-19 Freer Septum Knife 19cm
94   SS-13-194-19 Freer Septum Knife
95   SS-13-195-03 Ballenger Swivel Knife 21cm
96   SS-13-196-03 Ballenger Swivel Knife cut 3,0mm
97   SS-13-197-16 Brunings Septum Knife 16.5cm
98   SS-13-198-19 Freer Septum Elevator 5mm
99   SS-13-199-18 Freer Septum Elevator 5 / 5 mm
100   SS-13-200-23 Cottle Septum Elevator 5 / 5 mm
101   SS-13-201-18 Killian Septum Elevator 4 / 4 mm
102   SS-13-202-22 Killian Septum Elevator 23cm
103   SS-13-203-21 Pennington Septum Elevator 4 / 4mm
104   SS-13-204-19 Roger Septum Elevator 4 / 4mm
105   SS-13-205-22 Joseph-Masing Periosteal Elevator 4mm
106   SS-13-206-16 Freer Septum Chisel 4mm
107   SS-13-207-16 Freer Septum Chisel 4mm
108   SS-13-208-02 Ballenger Septum Gouge 2mm
109   SS-13-209-02 Cottle Osteotome 2mm
110   SS-13-210-06 Cottle Osteotome 6mm
111   SS-13-211-16 Cottle Osteotome 16mm
112   SS-13-212-10 Rubin Osteotome 10mm
113   SS-13-213-03 Walter Osteotome 3mm
114   SS-13-214-10 Cinelli Osteotome 10mm
115   SS-13-215-01 Cottle T-Handle 12cm
116   SS-13-216-00 Cottle Cartilage Crusher
117   SS-13-217-01 Gallaher Antrum Rasp 17cm
118   SS-13-218-01 Fomon Nasal Rasp 20.5cm
119   SS-13-219-15 Joseph Mucosa Hooklet 15.5cm
120   SS-13-220-01 Cottle Nasal Hook 14.5cm
121   SS-13-221-22 Lange Alar Hooklet 23cm
122   SS-13-222-17 Fomon Alar Hooklet 17cm
123   SS-13-223-19 Aufricht Nasal Retractor 19cm
124   SS-13-224-10 Kilner Alar Hooklet 8cm
125   SS-13-225-11 Converse Nasal Retractor blade 14 11 mm
126   SS-13-226-16 Fomon Alar Hooklet button ended 16cm
127   SS-13-227-01 Cottle Alar Hooklet 14.5cm
128   SS-13-228-14 Cottle Nasal Retractor 14cm
129   SS-13-229-16 Neivert Alar Hooklet 17cm
130   SS-13-230-15 Cottle Alar Hooklet 16cm
131   SS-13-231-15 Aufricht Nasal Retractor blade 60 6,5 mm blunt
132   SS-13-232-14 Cottle Skin Grasping Forceps 14cm
133   SS-13-233-10 Cottle Columella Forceps 12 mm wide
134   SS-13-234-01 Beckmann Adenoid Curette
135   SS-13-235-30 Eicken-Killian Antrum Irrigation Cannula 3mm
136   SS-13-236-15 Siebenmann Antrum Irrigation Cannula 1,5mm
137   SS-13-237-20 Guilen Suction Raspatory 19cm
138   SS-13-238-20 Ritter-Halle Frontal Sinus Dilator 2,5mm
139   SS-63-152 Hartmann Retractor 145MM
Scalpels Handles & Knife
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-101-01 Dissecting Knife with metal handle 15cm
2   SS-5-102-10 Autopsy Knife 25.5cm
3   SS-5-103-14 Walb Post Mortem Knife with wooden handle 26cm
4   SS-5-104-17 Walb Post Mortem Knife
5   SS-5-105-20 Virchow Brain Knife with hollow handle
6   SS-5-108-04 Scalpel Handle solid 13.5cm
7   SS-5-109-34 Scalpel Handle 16cm
8   SS-5-110-41 Scalpel Handle solid, long 21cm
9   SS-5-111-45 Scalpel Handle 21cm
10   SS-5-112-08 Collin Scalpel Handle with hollow handle 13.5cm
11   SS-5-113-09 Collin Scalpel Handle with hollow handle
12   SS-5-114-03 Scalpel Handle solid 12cm
13   SS-5-115-04 Scalpel Handle 12cm
14   SS-5-116-05 Scalpel Handle 12cm
15   SS-5-117-31 Scalpel Handle solid, long 21.5cm
16   SS-5-118-35 Scalpel Handle 21cm
17   SS-5-119-07 Scalpel Handle solid 16cm
18   SS-5-120-71 Scalpel Handle solid short 12.5cm
19   SS-5-121-03 Scalpel Handle with round hollow handle 15.5cm
20   SS-5-127-16 Amputation Knife with hollow handle 29cm
21   SS-5-128-19 Amputation Knife with hollow handle 32.5cm
22   SS-5-129-16 Catlin Interosseous Knife with hollow handle 29cm
23   SS-5-130-06 Resection Knife solid handle, dissecting end 18cm
24   SS-5-131-05 Langenbeck Resection Knife 18cm
25   SS-5-132-05 Langenbeck Resection Knife
26   SS-5-133-00 Razor Knife hollow blades on both sides cutting length 75mm
27   SS-5-134-00 Schink Dermatome complete with 2 skin fixing plates and one blade
28   SS-5-135-01 Schink Spare Blade spare blade for SS-05-134-00
29   SS-5-136-02 Schink Skin Fixing Plate for SS-05-134-00
30   SS-5-137-09 Troutman-Chris Blade Holder / Blade Breaker handle diameter 5,5mm
31   SS-5-138-09 Troutman-Chris Blade Holder / Blade Breaker handle diameter 9cm
32   SS-5-139-11 Blade Holder / Blade Breaker 11cm
33   SS-5-140-13 Castroviejo Blade Holder / Blade Breaker handle diameter 8mm
34   SS-5-141-04 Scalpel Handle with plastic handle for blades flg.18 - 36
35   SS-5-142-04 Scalpel Handle with plastic handle for blades flg.10 - 17
36   SS-5-143-03 Scalpel Handle solid, round for blades flg.10 - 17
37   SS-5-144-03 Scalpel Handle solid, round, angled for blades flg.10 - 17
38   SS-5-145-03 Kaye Scalpel Handle solid, round for blades flg.10 - 17
39   SS-5-146-00 Scalpel Handle for micro scalpel blades
40   SS-5-147-18 Disposable Scalpel sterile single packed package with 10units
41   SS-5-148-10 Disposable Scalpel sterile single packed package with 10units
42   SS-5-149-12 Disposable Scalpel sterile single packed package with 10units
43   SS-5-150-00 Humby Dermatome complete with blade spare blade
44   SS-5-151-19 Silver Dermatome for usual razor blades 19cm
Splinter Forceps
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-501-21 Phaneuf Hysterectomy Forceps 20.5 cm
2   SS-5-502-21 Wertheim-Cullen Vaginal Clamp 21cm
3   SS-5-503-10 Rogers Hysterectomy Forceps 21.5cm Fig.1
4   SS-5-504-23 Moynihan Hysterectomy Forceps 23cm
5   SS-5-505-24 Moynihan Hysterectomy Forceps 23.5cm
6   SS-5-506-25 Wertheim Hysterectomy Forceps 26cm
7   SS-5-507-22 Wertheim Hysterectomy Forceps 22.5cm
8   SS-5-508-14 Mikulicz, Baby Peritoneum Forceps 14.5cm
9   SS-5-509-18 Mikulicz Peritoneum Forceps 20.5cm
10   SS-5-510-20 Mikulicz Peritoneum Forceps 18.5cm
11   SS-5-511-20 Mikulicz Peritoneum Forceps 20cm
12   SS-5-512-21 Mikulicz Peritoneum Forceps
13   SS-5-513-20 Faure Peritoneum Forceps 21cm
Sterilization Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-23-101-10 Sterilization Irrigator Size 1
2   SS-23-102-16 Sterilization Round Bowl 220 mm x 70 mm
3   SS-23-103-33 Sterilization Round Bowl
4   SS-23-104-11 Sterilization Flat Dish
5   SS-23-105-11 Sterilization Lid only Size 1
6   SS-23-106-04 Sterilization Round Bowl Stainless Steel
7   SS-23-107-11 Sterilization Round Dish
8   SS-23-108-11 Sterilization Flat Dish
9   SS-23-111-10 Sterilization Petri Dish with Lid w x h
10   SS-23-112-09 Sterilization Petri Dish without lid w x h Size 1
11   SS-23-113-10 Sterilization Lid for Petri Dishes Size 1
12   SS-23-114-23 Sterilization Universal Tray l x b x h
13   SS-23-115-21 Sterilization Instrument Tray l x b x h
14   SS-23-116-23 Sterilization Universal Tray l x b x h
15   SS-23-117-22 Sterilization Round Bowl
16   SS-23-118-30 Sterilization Metal Jar 30mm x 90 mm
17   SS-23-119-16 Sterilization Instrument Box lid with knob l x b x h
18   SS-23-120-16 Sterilization Instrument Box lid with knob l x b x h
19   SS-23-121-20 Sterilization Instrument Box lid with knob l x b x h
20   SS-23-122-06 Sterilization Round Metal Box
21   SS-23-125-75 Sterilization Tablet Tray 75 mm x 12 mm
22   SS-23-126-90 Sterilization Metal Cup
23   SS-23-127-75 Sterilization Denture Cup
24   SS-23-128-75 Sterilization Insert for Cup
25   SS-23-129-17 Sterilization Kidney Dish
26   SS-23-130-36 Sterilization Placenta Pan Size 1
27   SS-23-131-01 Sterilization Waste Cotton Collector
28   SS-23-133-11 Sterilization Flat Dish
29   SS-23-134-50 Sterilization Lid only closed
30   SS-23-135-50 Sterilization Lid only with triangular opening
31   SS-23-137-25 Sterilization Lid for Kidney Dishes
32   SS-23-137-75 Sterilization Sputum Cup
33   SS-23-138-23 Sterilization Bed Pan
Surgical Plaster
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-6-101-23 Lorenz Bandage Scissors heavy pattern 23cm
2   SS-6-102-14 Lister Bandage Scissors 14.5cm
3   SS-6-103-23 Bergmann Plaster Shears 23.5cm
4   SS-6-104-20 Esmarch Plaster Shears heavy pattern, short blades 20cm
5   SS-6-105-15 Bandage Scissors black plastic ring with autodavable
6   SS-6-106-18 Bandage Scissors black plastic rings
7   SS-6-107-24 Bruns Plaster Scissors 24cm
8   SS-6-108-23 Stille-Martin Plaster Shears
9   SS-6-109-18 Lister Bandage Scissors 18cm
10   SS-6-110-24 Bruns Plaster Scissors
11   SS-6-111-20 Hopkins Plaster Knife with wooden handle 20cm
12   SS-6-112-18 Reiner Plaster Knife 18cm
13   SS-6-113-18 Reiner Plaster Knife
14   SS-6-114-21 Martin Plaster Knife with wooden handle 21cm
15   SS-6-115-14 Engel Plaster Saw 15.5cm
16   SS-6-116-28 Hennig Plaster Spreader 28cm
17   SS-6-117-18 Wolff Plaster Breaker 18cm
18   SS-6-118-48 Hermann Plaster Spreader heavy pattern 48cm
19   SS-6-119-23 Quattro Plaster Spreader 23cm
Surgical Probes
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-1001-11 Surgical Probe 13cm
2   SS-5-1002-11 Surgical Probe 18cm
3   SS-5-1003-13 Surgical Probe 14.5cm
4   SS-5-1004-13 Surgical Probe with eye 13cm
5   SS-5-1006-13 Surgical Myrtle Leaf Probe 16 cm
6   SS-5-1007-13 Grooved Director 13 cm
7   SS-5-1008-13 Grooved Director 14.5cm
8   SS-5-1009-14 Doyen Grooved Director 14.5cm
9   SS-5-1010-16 Nelaton Grooved Director 16cm
10   SS-5-1011-01 Varady Phlebodissector 18cm
11   SS-5-1012-16 Stacke Ear Probe Ear Probe Silver 10cm
12   SS-5-1013-16 Lockhart-Mummery Fistula Probe 16.5cm
13   SS-5-1014-16 Lockhart-Mummery Fistula Probe
14   SS-5-1015-16 Lockhart-Mummery Probe 16.5cm
15   SS-5-1016-16 Surgical Lockhart-Mummery Fistula Probe 16.5cm
16   SS-5-1017-00 Nabatoff Varicose Vein Probe Set Varicose Vein Probe Set complete in oval metal case
17   SS-5-1018-02 Vollmar Ring Stripper 50cm
18   SS-5-1019-12 Martin Cotton Applicator 12cm
19   SS-5-1020-12 Farrell Cotton Applicator 12cm
Surgical Retractors
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-901-18 Vickers Skin Hooklet 18.5cm
2   SS-5-902-01 Vickers Bone Hooklet 17cm
3   SS-5-903-01 Vickers Tendon Hooklet 17cm
4   SS-5-904-02 Vickers Hooklet Retractors 16cm
5   SS-5-905-12 Vickers Saddle Hook 14cm
6   SS-5-906-01 Graefe Micro Hooklet 15cm
7   SS-5-907-01 Surgical Skin Hook 16cm Fig.1
8   SS-5-908-16 O Connor Skin Hook 16cm
9   SS-5-909-01 Guthrie Skin Hook 15.5cm
10   SS-5-910-01 Surgical Hooklet 16.5cm
11   SS-5-911-01 Surgical Hooklet
12   SS-5-912-02 Surgical Hooklet 16cm
13   SS-5-913-04 Surgical Hooklet 16.5cm
14   SS-5-914-12 Surgical Vessel Hook 12cm
15   SS-5-915-08 Desmarres Saddle Hook 16cm 8mm
16   SS-5-916-12 Surgical Saddle Hook 16cm 14mm
17   SS-5-917-10 Langenbeck-Mini Hooklet 16cm
18   SS-5-918-16 Surgical Hooklet 16cm 14 x 8
19   SS-5-919-01 Surgical Hooklet 16.5cm
20   SS-5-920-01 Surgical Hooklet 16.5cm
21   SS-5-921-01 Meyerding Hooklet 17.5cm Fig.1
22   SS-5-922-01 Senn-Green Hooklet 15cm Fig.1
23   SS-5-923-14 Ragnell-Davis Hooklet 14cm
24   SS-5-924-16 Senn-Miller Hooklet 16cm
25   SS-5-925-20 Cushing Retractor 20.5cm
26   SS-5-926-08 Cushing Saddle Hook 20.5cm 10mm wide
27   SS-5-927-08 Cushing Saddle Hook 8mm to 18mm wide
28   SS-5-928-01 Brom Vein Hook 19.5cm
29   SS-5-929-01 Strandell-Stille Hooklet 19cm Fig.1
30   SS-5-930-01 Klapp Retractor 12 x 6, 12 x 11, 15 x 11
31   SS-5-931-04 Surgical Hooklet 16.5cm
32   SS-5-932-01 Volkmann Retractor 21.5cm
33   SS-5-933-01 Volkmann Retractor 22cm
34   SS-5-934-01 Kocher Retractor 22cm
35   SS-5-935-02 Martin Retractor 22.5cm
36   SS-5-936-03 Ollier Retractor 23cm 36 x 30
37   SS-5-937-02 Wassmund Retractor 20.5cm 33 x 21
38   SS-5-938-08 Korte Retractor 24.5cm 40 x 30
39   SS-5-939-04 Israel Retractor 25.5cm
40   SS-5-940-01 Langenbeck Retractor 22.5cm 30 x 11 mm
41   SS-5-942-21 Langenbeck Retractor 21cm 65 x 20 mm
42   SS-5-943-21 Langenbeck Retractor 22.5cm 85 x 15 mm
43   SS-5-944-19 Lahey Retractor 19.5cm 36 x 19 mm
44   SS-5-945-20 Little Retractor 20cm 13 x 15 mm
45   SS-5-946-18 Kocher Retractor 23cm 77 x 30 mm
46   SS-5-947-01 Kocher-Langenbeck Retractor 21.5cm 35 x 11mm
47   SS-5-948-01 Kocher-Langenbeck Retractor 21.5cm 85 x 25mm
48   SS-5-949-01 Kocher Retractor 21.5cm 22 x 12mm
49   SS-5-950-01 Kocher Retractor 22cm 42 x 15mm
50   SS-5-951-01 Middeldorpf Retractor 21.5cm 18 x 17mm
51   SS-5-952-01 Doyen-Stille Retractor 26cm 127 x 52mm
52   SS-5-953-01 Hosel Retractor 26cm 103 x 30mm
53   SS-5-954-01 Middeldorpf Retractor 27cm 60 x 70mm
54   SS-5-955-00 Fritsch Retractor 23.5cm 37 x 31mm
55   SS-5-956-25 Doyen Retractor 24cm 48 x 88mm
56   SS-5-957-22 Kocher Retractor 24cm 73 x 25mm
57   SS-5-958-01 Kocher Retractor 25cm 80 x 55mm
58   SS-5-959-25 Martin Retractor 26cm 110 x 27mm
59   SS-5-960-01 Coryllos Retractor 24cm 108 x 43mm
60   SS-5-961-01 Davidson Retractor 19cm 80 x 54mm
61   SS-5-962-25 Sauerbruch Retractor 25.5cm 127 x 38mm
62   SS-5-963-08 Brunner Retractor 25.5cm 104 x 25mm
63   SS-5-964-08 Brunner Retractor 25.5cm 122 x 25mm
64   SS-5-965-01 Sauerbruch Retractor 22.5cm 63 x 23mm
65   SS-5-966-01 Deaver Retractor 18cm 19mm
66   SS-5-967-04 Deaver Retractor 31.5cm 50mm
67   SS-5-968-01 Mikulicz Retractor 25cm 90 x 35mm
68   SS-5-969-26 Mikulicz Retractor 26cm 90 x 55mm
69   SS-5-970-01 Kelly Retractor 27.5cm 205 x 38mm
70   SS-5-971-00 Farabeuf Retractor 15cm Fig.1 = 23 x 16
71   SS-5-972-00 Parker-Langenbeck Retractor 21.5cm Fig.1 = 40x15mm
72   SS-5-973-07 Alm Wound Spreaders, self-retaining 7cm
73   SS-5-974-07 Alm Wound Spreaders, self-retaining
74   SS-5-975-22 Gosset Abdominal Retractor 18.5cm
75   SS-5-976-00 Balfour-Baby Abdominal Retractor spreading 90mm, 1 central blade 24 x 20mm
76   SS-5-977-00 Balfour Abdominal Retractor spreading 180mm, lateral blades 70 x 35mm, 1 central blade
Surgical Scissors
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-201-13 Operating Scissor 12cm
2   SS-5-202-13 Operating Scissors 13cm
3   SS-5-204-13 Operating Scissors 14.5cm
4   SS-5-205-13 Operating Scissors 16.5cm
5   SS-5-206-13 Operating Scissors 18.5cm
6   SS-5-207-13 Surgical Operating Scissors
7   SS-5-208-14 Operating Scissors delicate 14.5cm
8   SS-5-209-14 Incision Scissors Incision Scissors 14.5cm
9   SS-5-210-14 Deaver Operating Scissors
10   SS-5-211-15 Mayo Dissecting Scissors 15cm
11   SS-5-212-23 Mayo Dissecting Scissors 28cm
12   SS-5-213-22 Mayo-Harrington Dissecting Scissors 23cm
13   SS-5-214-22 Mayo-Harrington Dissecting Scissors cur 28cm
14   SS-5-215-17 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors str 15cm
15   SS-5-216-15 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors cur 15cm
16   SS-5-217-19 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors str 16cm
17   SS-5-218-16 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors cur 16cm
18   SS-5-219-17 Mayo-Noble Gynecological Scissors 16.5cm
19   SS-5-220-23 Sims Gynecological Scissors str 20cm
20   SS-5-221-20 Sims Gynecological Scissors cur 20cm
21   SS-5-222-16 Kelly Operating Scissors 16cm
22   SS-5-223-17 Doyen Gynecological Scissors 18.5cm
23   SS-5-224-24 Sims-Siebold Gynecological Scissors 24.5cm
24   SS-5-225-24 Sims-Siebold Gynecological Scissors
25   SS-5-226-23 Wertheim Gynecological Scissors 20cm
26   SS-5-227-11 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 11.5cm
27   SS-5-228-14 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 14.5cm
28   SS-5-229-15 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 15.5cm
29   SS-5-230-20 Metzenbaum-Nelson Dissecting Scissors 18cm
30   SS-5-231-20 Metzenbaum-Nelson Dissecting Scissors 20.5cm
31   SS-5-232-20 Metzenbaum-Nelson Dissecting Scissors 31cm
32   SS-5-233-14 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors toothed 14.5cm
33   SS-5-234-15 Nerve Dissecting Scissors 15.5cm
34   SS-5-235-19 Gorney Face-lift Scissors str 12.5cm
35   SS-5-236-19 Gorney Face-lift Scissors cur 19.5cm
36   SS-5-237-17 Aston Face-lift Scissors 17cm
37   SS-5-238-16 Lexer Dissecting Scissors 16cm
38   SS-5-239-14 Cinelli Nasal Scissors 11.5cm
39   SS-5-240-19 Thorek Dissecting Scissors 18.5cm
40   SS-5-241-10 Lexer-Baby Dissecting Scissors 10cm
41   SS-5-242-16 Lexer-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 16.5cm
42   SS-5-243-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 14.5cm
43   SS-5-244-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 14.5cm
44   SS-5-245-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 14.5cm
45   SS-5-246-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors
46   SS-5-247-18 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 20cm
47   SS-5-248-18 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 23cm
48   SS-5-250-14 Sanvenero Operating Scissors 14cm
49   SS-5-251-11 Dissecting Scissors 11.5cm
50   SS-5-252-14 Joseph Operating Scissors 14.5cm
51   SS-5-253-14 Peck-Joseph Face-lift Scissors 14.5cm
52   SS-5-254-14 Peck-Joseph Face-lift Scissors
53   SS-5-255-12 Shea Vein Graft Dissecting Scissors 12cm
54   SS-5-256-12 Kilner Dissecting Scissors 12cm
55   SS-5-257-14 Dissecting Scissors 14.5cm
56   SS-5-258-15 Reynolds Dissecting Scissors 15.5cm
57   SS-5-259-14 Jameson Dissecting Scissors 15.5cm
58   SS-5-260-14 Jameson Dissecting Scissors
59   SS-5-261-19 Vascular Scissors 19cm
60   SS-5-262-24 Vascular Scissors fine, short blades
61   SS-5-263-25 Diethrich Vascular Scissors 19cm
62   SS-5-264-45 DeBakey Vascular Scissors 16cm
63   SS-5-265-19 Potts-Smith Vascular Scissors 18cm
64   SS-5-266-25 Coronary Scissors 18cm
65   SS-5-267-45 Coronary Scissors
66   SS-5-268-60 Surgical Coronary Scissors
67   SS-5-269-90 Coronary Scissors 18cm
68   SS-5-270-00 Coronary Scissors 18cm
69   SS-5-271-00 Coronary Scissors 18cm
70   SS-5-272-25 Coronary Scissors 18cm
71   SS-5-273-45 Coronary Scissors 18cm
72   SS-5-274-90 Coronary Scissors 18cm
73   SS-5-275-17 Schmieden-Taylor Dura Scissors 15cm
74   SS-5-276-22 Strully Neurosurgical Scissors 22.5cm
75   SS-5-277-17 Toennis-Adson Dissecting Scissors 17.5cm
76   SS-5-279-19 Good Tonsil Scissors 19.5cm
77   SS-5-282-15 Fomon Nasal Scissors 15cm
78   SS-5-283-16 Cottle Nasal Scissors 16cm
79   SS-5-284-18 Heymann Nasal Scissors 18.5cm
80   SS-5-285-18 Heymann Nasal Scissors
81   SS-5-286-11 Converse Nasal Scissors blunt & sharp 10.5cm
82   SS-5-287-18 Waldmann Episiotomy Scissors 18cm
83   SS-5-288-14 Braun-Stadler Episiotomy Scissors 14.5cm
84   SS-5-289-22 Braun-Stadler
85   SS-5-290-10 Modell USA Umbilical Scissors 10.5cm
86   SS-5-292-16 Busch Umbilical Scissors 16cm
87   SS-5-293-13 Goldmann-Fox Gum Scissors 13cm
88   SS-5-294-12 Wagner Operating Scissors 12cm
89   SS-5-295-12 Operating Scissors small model 12cm
90   SS-5-296-11 La Grange Gum Scissors S-shaped 11.5cm
91   SS-5-297-11 Dissecting Scissors delicate 11.5cm
92   SS-5-298-16 Locklin Gum Scissors 16cm
93   SS-5-299-16 Locklin Gum Scissors
94   SS-5-300-08 Operating Scissors very delicate 9cm
95   SS-5-301-10 Surgical Iris Scissors 9cm
96   SS-5-302-10 Iris Scissors extra flat blades 10cm
97   SS-5-303-10 Iris Scissors extra flat blades
98   SS-5-304-09 Bonn Iris Scissors
99   SS-5-305-17 Dean Tonsil Scissors 17.5cm
100   SS-5-306-08 Operating Scissors very delicate
101   SS-5-307-09 Iris Scissors
102   SS-5-308-10 Iris Scissors extra flat blades
103   SS-5-309-09 Bonn Iris Scissors 9cm
104   SS-5-310-09 Bonn Iris Scissors
105   SS-5-311-11 Iris Scissors 11.5cm
106   SS-5-312-12 Iris Scissors 12.5cm
107   SS-5-313-11 Stevens Tendon Scissors sharp blunt 11cm
108   SS-5-314-11 Strabismus Scissors 11.5cm
109   SS-5-315-11 Enucleation Scissors 11.5cm
110   SS-5-316-15 Micro Scissors round handle blade length 10mm
111   SS-5-317-15
112   SS-5-318-15 Micro Scissors flat handle blade length 10mm
113   SS-5-319-15 Micro Scissors flat handle blade
114   SS-5-320-15 Micro Scissors round handle diamond coated cutting edges blade length 10mm
115   SS-5-321-15 Micro Scissors round handle diamond coated cutting edges blade
116   SS-5-322-15 Micro Scissors flat handle diamond coated cutting edges blade 15cm
117   SS-5-323-15 Micro Scissorsflat handle diamond coated cutting edges blade 21cm
118   SS-5-324-23 Jacobson Micro Scissors 23cm
119   SS-5-325-11 Westcott Strabismus Scissors 11.5cm
120   SS-5-326-19 Surgical Micro Scissors 18.5cm
121   SS-5-327-19 Micro Scissors 19cm
122   SS-5-328-11 Surgical Micro Scissors 12cm
123   SS-5-329-12 Surgical Micro Scissors
124   SS-5-330-12 Micro Dissecting Scissors 10cm
125   SS-5-331-09 Micro Dissecting Scissors
126   SS-5-332-18 Jaboma Micro Scissors for Cleft Palate blade length 12mm
127   SS-5-333-18 Jaboma Micro Scissors for Cleft Palate blade length 18cm
128   SS-5-334-01 Micro Scissors 15.5cm
129   SS-5-334-18 Jaboma Micro Scissors for Cleft Palate blade
130   SS-5-335-01 Surgical Micro Scissors 15.5cm
131   SS-5-336-21 Enterotomy Scissors 21.5cm
132   SS-5-337-09 Salyer Dissecting Scissors 9.5cm
133   SS-5-338-23 Rectal Scissors Rectal Scissors heavy pattern 32.5cm
134   SS-5-339-10 Salyer Dissecting Scissors for cleft palate
135   SS-5-340-11 Kaye Face-lift Scissors toothed 11cm
136   SS-5-341-13 Northbent Stitch Scissors 13cm
137   SS-5-342-09 Spencer Stitch Scissors 9cm
138   SS-5-343-13 Spencer Stitch Scissors 13cm
139   SS-5-344-14 Buck Stitch Scissors 14.5cm
140   SS-5-345-14 Littauer Stitch Scissors 14cm
141   SS-5-346-12 Eiselsberg Stitch Scissors 12cm
142   SS-5-347-12 Universal Wire Cutting Scissors toothed 12cm
143   SS-5-348-10 Beebee Wire Cutting Scissors one toothed cutting edge 10.5cm
144   SS-5-349-18 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors with special cutting edge 18cm
145   SS-5-350-14 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors with special cutting edge 14.5cm
146   SS-5-351-16 Mayo-Lexer Dissecting Scissors slender pattern with special cutting edge
147   SS-5-352-14 Operating Scissors
148   SS-5-353-14 Operating Scissors
149   SS-5-354-14 Mayo Operating Scissors 14.5cm
150   SS-5-355-14 Mayo Operating Scissors 23cm
151   SS-5-356-14 Stitch Scissors for synthetic suture material one toothed cutting edge
152   SS-5-357-14 Ligature Scissors for synthetic suture material one toothed cutting edge
153   SS-5-358-15 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors 17cm
154   SS-5-359-15 Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors 14.5cm
155   SS-5-360-11 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors
156   SS-5-361-11 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 11.5cm
157   SS-5-362-18 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 23cm
158   SS-5-363-18 Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors 26cm
159   SS-5-364-20 Metzenbaum-Thorek Dissecting Scissors 20cm
160   SS-5-365-14 Joseph Operating Scissors
161   SS-5-366-16 Lexer Dissecting Scissors 21cm
162   SS-5-367-16 Lexer Dissecting Scissors
163   SS-5-368-16 Mayo-Lexer Dissecting Scissors 16cm
164   SS-5-369-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern
165   SS-5-370-14 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender
166   SS-5-371-18 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors slender pattern 18cm
167   SS-5-372-14 Metzenbaum-Lahey Dissecting Scissors slender pattern
168   SS-5-373-18 Metzenbaum-Fino Delicate Dissecting Scissors
169   SS-5-374-19 Gorney Face-lift Scissors one toothed cutting edge
170   SS-5-375-17 Rees Face-lift Scissors one toothed cutting edge
171   SS-5-376-23 Sims Uterine Scissors 23cm
172   SS-5-377-22 Parametrium Hysterectomy Scissors heavy pattern
173   SS-5-378-13 Goldmann-Fox Ligature Scissors 13cm
174   SS-5-379-11 Surgical Iris Scissors 11.5cm
175   SS-5-380-25 DeBakey Angled Scissors 19cm
176   SS-5-381-25 Surgical Angled Scissors 11cm
177   SS-5-382-12 Ragnell Dissecting Scissors 12.5cm
178   SS-5-383-16 Kelly Operating Scissors
179   SS-5-384-16 Dean Tonsil Scissors one toothed cutting edge S-shaped
180   SS-5-385-12 Universal Wire Cutting Scissors Wire Cutting Scissors one toothed cutting edge
181   SS-5-386-16 Locklin Gum Scissors one toothed cutting edge
182   SS-5-387-16 Locklin Gum Scissors one toothed cutting edge 16cm
Surgical Suture Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-4-197-15 Reverdin Reverdin Needle short
2   SS-4-198-19 Reverdin Reverdin Needle medium
3   SS-4-199-23 Reverdin Reverdin Needle long
4   SS-4-201-01 Schmieden-Dick Ligature Needle malleable
5   SS-4-202-21 Schmieden Ligature Needle
6   SS-4-203-20 Ligature Needle malleable
7   SS-4-204-19 Cooper Ligature Needle
8   SS-4-205-13 Kronecker Ligature Needle delicate for right hand
9   SS-4-206-24 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 24 cm
10   SS-4-207-20 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 20 cm
11   SS-4-208-20 Deschamps Ligature Needle sharp for right hand 20 cm
12   SS-4-209-21 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 20 cm
13   SS-4-210-21 Deschamps Ligature Needle sharp for right hand 20cm
14   SS-4-211-27 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 27cm
15   SS-4-212-27 Deschamps Ligature Needle sharp for right hand 27cm
16   SS-4-213-28 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 28cm
17   SS-4-214-20 Deschamps Ligature Needle sharp for right hand 20cm
18   SS-4-215-20 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 20cm
19   SS-4-216-20 Deschamps Ligature Needle blunt for right hand 21cm
20   SS-4-217-30 Brunner Ligature Needle 21cm
21   SS-4-218-25 Kirschner Ligature Conductor 25.5 cm
22   SS-4-219-28 Ligature Conductor 28 cm
23   SS-4-220-23 Modell Wien Ligature Catcher 23.5 cm
24   SS-4-221-01 Surgical Needle curved 3/8 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
25   SS-4-222-01 Surgical Needle curved 1/2 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
26   SS-4-223-01 Surgical Needle curved 1/2 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
27   SS-4-224-01 Surgical Needle curved 1/2 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
28   SS-4-225-01 Surgical Needle curved 1/2 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
29   SS-4-226-01 Keith Surgical Needle unit for sale 1 dozen
30   SS-4-227-01 Keith Surgical Needle unit for sale 1 dozen
31   SS-4-228-01 Intestinal Needle curved 1/2 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
32   SS-4-229-01 Intestinal Needle curved 3/8 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
33   SS-4-230-01 Kalt Vascular Needle curved 3/8 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
34   SS-4-231-01 Payr Vascular Needle unit for sale 1 dozen
35   SS-4-232-01 Payr Vascular Needle curved 3/8 circle unit for sale 1 dozen
36   SS-4-233-25 Martin Ligature Conductor
37   SS-4-234-18 Brunner Ligature Conductor of plastic material (Ferrozell)
38   SS-4-235-27 Kirschner Ligature Conductor of plastic material (Ferrozell)
39   SS-4-236-27 Ligature Conductor of plastic material (Ferrozell)
40   SS-4-237-19 Schmieden Ligature Conductor
41   SS-4-238-19 Schmieden-Payr Ligature Conductor with hole at the tip
42   SS-4-239-03 König Ligature Conductor
43   SS-4-240-22 Payr Ligature Conductor
44   SS-4-241-21 Bozemann Knot Tier
Surgical Trocars
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-3-101-04 Universal Trocar 14CM
2   SS-3-102-07 Nelson Trocar 20CM
3   SS-3-103-19 Lichtwitz Antrum Trocar 18.5CM
4   SS-3-104-21 Adson Suction Cannula 20CM
5   SS-3-105-10 Frazier Suction Cannula 24CM
6   SS-3-106-06 Frazier Suction Cannula 19.5CM
7   SS-3-107-06 Poppen Suction Cannula 18CM
8   SS-3-108-30 Luer Suction Tube working length 110MM
9   SS-3-109-15 Yasargil Suction Tube working length 150 mm with Luer hub
10   SS-3-110-27 Yankauer Suction Tube complete with suction tip and connector
11   SS-3-111-00 Yankauer Suction Tube
12   SS-3-112-22 Poole Suction Tube 20CM
13   SS-3-113-22 Poole Suction Tube 22.5CM
14   SS-3-114-21 Nuboer Suction Tube 21CM
15   SS-3-115-21 Nuboer Suction Tube
16   SS-3-116-10 Quinke Lumbar Puncture Needle
17   SS-3-117-12 Tuohy Lumbar Puncture Needle
18   SS-3-118-20 Verres Insufflation Cannula Luer Lock connection 15CM
19   SS-3-119-20 Verres Insufflation Cannula Luer Lock connection 17CM
20   SS-3-120-01 Byrd Suction Tube 21.5 cm
21   SS-3-121-23 Cogswell Suction Tube 24.5 cm
22   SS-3-122-08 Redon Guide Needle Slightly curved knife tip, threaded end
23   SS-3-123-08 Redon Guide Needle fully curved knife tip, threaded end
24   SS-3-124-08 Redon Guide Needle slightly curved lancet tip, threaded end
25   SS-3-125-08 Redon Guide Needle slightly curved trocar tip, threaded end
26   SS-3-126-00 Pudendus Anaesthesia Needle Pudendus Anaesthesia Needle Luer Lock connection
27   SS-3-127-12 Vein Cannula Vein Cannulas button end with tube connector
28   SS-3-128-10 Quinke Tonsil Needle Tonsil Needle Luer Lock connection
29   SS-3-129-20 Verres Insufflation Cannula Insufflation Cannula Luer Lock connection
30   SS-3-130-03 Schmid Vessel Irrigation Cannula malleable, Luer-Lock connection silver
31   SS-3-131-06 Mock Heparin Flushing Needle Heparin Flushing Needle Luer Lock connection
32   SS-3-132-10 Menghini Liver Puncture Needle for liver blind puncture, with stopping probe
33   SS-3-133-14 Menghini Liver Puncture Needle for controlled liver blind puncture
34   SS-3-134-00 Connector A
35   SS-3-135-00 Connector B
36   SS-3-136-00 Connector C
37   SS-3-137-00 Connector D
38   SS-3-138-01 Catheter Fitting Catheter Fitting conical
39   SS-3-139-00 Urethral Olive
40   SS-3-140-00 Stopcock
41   SS-3-141-00 3-Way Stopcock
42   SS-3-142-03 Connector for trachea tubes charr.14 3 mm
43   SS-3-143-01 Hypodermic Syringe Glass Barrel with Luer connection 1 ml
44   SS-3-144-01 Spare Barrel Spare Barrels with Luer connection 1 ml
45   SS-3-145-01 Hypodermic Syringe Glass Barrel Luer Lock connection 1 ml
46   SS-3-146-01 Spare Barrel Spare Barrels Luer Lock connection
47   SS-3-147-02 3-Ring Syringe 3-Ring Syringe glass barrel Luer Lock connection moveable rings
48   SS-3-148-02 Spare Barrel Spare Barrel Luer Lock connection
49   SS-3-149-01 Insulin Syringe Insulin Syringe glass barrel Luer connection 1 ml,40 E
50   SS-3-150-01 Spare Barrel Spare Barrel Luer connection 1 ml,40 E
51   SS-3-151-01 Tuberculin Syringe Tuberculin Syringe glass barrel Luer connection 1ml=(100)
52   SS-3-152-01 Spare Barrel Spare Barrel Luer connection 1 ml
53   SS-3-153-05 Janet Wound and Bladder Syringes glass barrel with two exchangeable tips complete 50 ml
54   SS-3-154-05 Janet Spare Barrel 50 ml
Tonsil Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-15-101-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Hooklet 18.5cm
2   SS-15-102-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Hooklet 18.5cm
3   SS-15-103-08 Salyer Cleft Palate Dissector 18.5cm
4   SS-15-104-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Dissector
5   SS-15-105-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Elevator 18cm
6   SS-15-106-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Elevator
7   SS-15-107-18 Salyer Cleft Palate Elevator
8   SS-15-108-17 JABOMA Cleft Palate Periosteal Elevator 17cm
9   SS-15-109-21 Hurd Cleft Palate Needle 20.5cm
10   SS-15-111-21 Tonsil Hurd Cleft Palate Needle 20.5cm
11   SS-15-112-25 Carpenter Tonsil Knife / Enucleator 25cm
12   SS-15-113-22 Hurd Tonsil Dissector/Retractor 22.5cm
13   SS-15-114-23 Henke Tonsil Elevator 22.5cm
14   SS-15-115-23 Henke Tonsil Elevator
15   SS-15-116-19 Luniatschek Gauze Packer 17.5cm
16   SS-15-117-17 Luniatschek Gauze Packer
17   SS-15-118-18 White Tonsil Grasping Forceps 18cm
18   SS-15-119-20 Blohmke Tonsil Grasping Forceps 20cm
19   SS-15-120-19 Schnidt Tonsil Forceps 19cm
20   SS-15-121-19 Schnidt Tonsil Forceps 18.5cm
21   SS-15-122-28 Eves Tonsil Snare 28.5cm
22   SS-15-123-28 Eves Tonsil Snare
23   SS-15-124-28 Brnings Tonsil Snare 29cm
24   SS-15-125-40 Tonsil Wire Loop Instruments
25   SS-15-126-01 Snare Wire Instruments
26   SS-15-127-01 Tyding Tonsil Snare
27   SS-15-128-13 Hartmann Tonsil Punch 12cm
28   SS-15-129-01 Huber Universal Handle 20cm
29   SS-15-130-20 Bruenings Interchangeable Tube
30   SS-15-131-20 Bruenings Laryngeal Tube 20cm
Towel & Tubing Clamps
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-5-701-09 Schdel Towel Clamp sharp 9cm
2   SS-5-702-05 Jones Towel Clamp sharp 5.5cm
3   SS-5-703-09 Jones-Martin Towel Clamp sharp 8.5cm
4   SS-5-704-11 Backhaus Towel Clamp 11.5cm
5   SS-5-705-11 Backhaus Towel Clamp
6   SS-5-706-08 Backhaus Towel Clamp 13cm
7   SS-5-707-15 Peers-Bertram modif Towel Clamp wide jaw for tube fixation
8   SS-5-708-13 Roeder Towel Clamp 13.5cm
9   SS-5-709-10 Lorna Towel Clamp fine serrated, wide jaw 9.5cm
10   SS-5-710-16 Bernhard Towel Clamp 16.5cm
11   SS-5-711-10 Tohoku Towel Clamp 10.5cm blunt
12   SS-5-712-11 Towel Clamp for paper clothes 14cm
13   SS-5-713-20 Lane Towel Clamp 19.5cm
14   SS-5-714-06 Tube Holder for fixation of six tubes
15   SS-5-715-14 Tubing Clamp extra long ratchet 14cm
16   SS-5-716-16 Tubing Clamp extra long 16.5cm
17   SS-5-717-15 Tubing Clamp extra long 20.5cm
18   SS-5-718-15 Tubing Clamp with safety guard 19cm
Tracheotomy Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-16-101-13 Ueckermann Tracheotomy Trocar 11.5cm
2   SS-16-102-16 Iterson Tracheal Hook 17cm
3   SS-16-103-13 Rose Tracheal Hook 13.5cm
4   SS-16-104-11 Luer Tracheal Hook 11cm
5   SS-16-105-15 Tracheotomy Tracheal Hook 15cm
6   SS-16-106-17 Lukens Thymus Retractor 17.5cm
7   SS-16-107-17 Jackson Tracheal Hook 18cm
8   SS-16-108-15 Kocher Goitre Enucleator 16.5cm
9   SS-16-109-15 Kocher Goitre Enucleator
10   SS-16-110-21 Hofmeister Goitre Enucleator 20.5cm
11   SS-16-111-15 Lahey Goitre Grasping Forceps 15.5cm
12   SS-16-112-04 Tracheotomy Luer Tracheal Tube
13   SS-16-113-08 Tracheotomy Luer Tracheal Tube
14   SS-16-114-04 Chevalier-Jackson Tracheal Tube outer tube closed inner tube closed silver
15   SS-16-115-08 Tracheotomy Speaking Tube
16   SS-16-116-14 Laborde Tracheal Dilator 14cm
17   SS-16-117-14 Trousseau Tracheal Dilator 14.5cm
18   SS-16-118-14 Cleaning Brush for tracheal tubes head of brush 12mm
19   SS-16-119-04 Luer Tracheal Tube outer tube closed inner tube closed silver 4mm
20   SS-16-120-04 Luer Tracheal Tube outer tube closed inner tube closed 4mm
21   SS-16-121-07 Chevalier-Jackson
22   SS-16-122-08 Speaking Tube outer tube closed inner tube closed German silver 8mm
23   SS-16-123-08 Speaking Tube outer tube closed inner tube closed German silver 8 mm length of tube 65 mm with sliding valve
Urology Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-19-101-23 A Randall Kidney Stone Forceps
2   SS-19-102-23 A Randall Kidney Stone Forceps 23 cm
3   SS-19-103-16 A Heiming Kidney Stone Forceps
4   SS-19-104-01 A Elsasser Nephrostomy Forceps
5   SS-19-105-01 A Bakes Gall Duct Dilator 32 cm
6   SS-19-106-20 A Blake Gall Stone Forceps 21 cm
7   SS-19-107-20 Mayo-Blake Gall Stone Forceps 21 cm
8   SS-19-108-20 Mayo-Blake Gall Stone Forceps 21 cm
9   SS-19-109-22 Mixter Gall Stone Forceps 21.5 cm
10   SS-19-110-23 A Desjardins Gall Stone Forceps 23 cm
11   SS-19-111-24 A Desjardins Gall Stone Forceps
12   SS-19-112-01 A Luer-Korte Gall Stone Scoop
13   SS-19-113-21 Young Prostatic Retractor 21.5 cm
14   SS-19-114-22 Young Prostatic Retractor 20.5 cm
15   SS-19-115-21 Young Prostatic Retractor 22 cm
16   SS-19-116-22 Young Prostatic Retractor 21.5 cm
17   SS-19-117-24 Millin Capsule Forceps 24.5 cm
18   SS-19-118-24 Millin Capsule Forceps 22 cm
19   SS-19-119-23 Millin Capsule Forceps 24.5 cm
20   SS-19-120-23 Millin Capsule Forceps 22 cm
21   SS-19-121-24 Millin Ligature Carrying Forceps 24.5 cm
22   SS-19-122-00 Millin Bladder Neck Spreader 29 cm 3,0 mm
23   SS-19-123-00 Thomson-Walker Bladder Retractor
24   SS-19-124-00 Judd-Masson Bladder Retractor
25   SS-19-125-00 A Millin Bladder Retractor
26   SS-19-126-27 Legueu Bladder Spatula 24 cm 35 mm
27   SS-19-127-00 A Van Buren Urethral Sound 27.5 cm
28   SS-19-128-10 A Guyon Urethral Sound 26 cm
29   SS-19-129-10 Filiform Filiform Bougie with screw thread
30   SS-19-130-00 Guyon Urethral Sound set with 21 bougies, charr 10 to 30 with 4 filiform bougies in metal case 42 17,5 4 cm
31   SS-19-131-06 Urology Metal Catheter, female 15 cm
32   SS-19-132-06 Otis Urethrotome complete in wooden case with dilator, 2 knives and 3 tips
33   SS-19-133-00 Otis Spare Blade
34   SS-19-134-00 Knutson Urethrography Instrument
35   SS-19-135-08 Circumcision Instrument 8 mm
36   SS-19-136-00 Mogen Circumcision Instrument 7.5 cm
37   SS-19-137-39 Guyon Catheter Guide 40 cm
38   SS-19-138-35 Guyon Catheter Guide 37 cm
39   SS-19-139-00 Sachse Urology Gauge
40   SS-19-139-20 Mathieu Foreign Body Forceps
41   SS-19-140-08 Stockmann Penis Clamp 8 cm
42   SS-19-141-11 Strauss Penis Clamp 11 cm
Crown Removers
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-84-220 A tips for Morrell Crown Remover
2   SS-84-221 B tips for Morrell Crown Remover
3   SS-84-222 C tips for Morrell Crown Remover
4   SS-84-223 Morrel Crown Remover, with 3 points
5   SS-84-224 Wynman Carbide Crown Gripper, 5-1/2", without ratchet, with TC jaws
Amalgam Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-62-101 Hollenback Amalgam Carver Fig- 1/2
2   SS-62-107 Hollenback Amalgam Carver Fig.2
3   SS-62-113 Mortonson Amalgam Carver Fig.1
4   SS-62-114 Mortonson Amalgam Carver Fig.2
5   SS-62-115 Mortonson Amalgam Carver Fig.3
6   SS-62-116 Mortonson Amalgam Carver Fig.4
7   SS-62-117 Mortonson Amalgam Carver Fig SHO-A
8   SS-62-118
9   SS-62-119
10   SS-62-120
11   SS-62-121
12   SS-62-122
13   SS-62-123
14   SS-62-124
15   SS-62-125
16   SS-62-126
17   SS-62-127
18   SS-62-128
19   SS-62-129
20   SS-62-130
21   SS-62-131
22   SS-62-132
23   SS-62-133
24   SS-62-134
25   SS-62-135
26   SS-62-136
27   SS-62-137 Toffemire-Universal
28   SS-62-142
29   SS-62-143 Amalgam Instruments
30   SS-62-144 Amalgam Instruments
31   SS-62-145 Amalgam Instruments
32   SS-62-146 Amalgam Instruments
33   SS-62-147 Amalgam Carrier
34   SS-62-148 Amalgam Carrier
35   SS-62-149 Amalgam Carrier
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-83-200 Nickle Chromium Plated Plain Round Articulator
2   SS-83-201 Universal Articulators (YELLOW)
3   SS-83-202 Fsster Denture Articulator
4   SS-83-203 Nickle Chromium Plated Articulator Fork Pattern
5   SS-83-204 Hinge Articulator Full Arch
6   SS-83-205 Quadrant / Crewned Bridge Articulator
7   SS-83-206 Universal Articulators (BLUE)
8   SS-83-207 Foster / Apex # 2 Articulator
12   SS-83-211 ASA Articulator 5002
13   SS-83-212 Model "A" Crescent Stephan Articulator
14   SS-83-213 Bite Fork / Occlusal Alignment Plane
16   SS-83-215 Vibratory Polished Articulator Galetti
19   SS-83-218 Gnatus Pro JP30 Articulator
24   SS-83-223 Magicart-1 Articulator
Bone Curettes
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-56-101 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.1
2   SS-56-102 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.2
3   SS-56-103 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.3
4   SS-56-104 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.4
5   SS-56-105 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.85
6   SS-56-106 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.86
7   SS-56-107 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.87
8   SS-56-108 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.88
9   SS-56-109 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.1
10   SS-56-110 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.2
11   SS-56-111 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.3
12   SS-56-112 Hemingway Bone Curettes Fig.4
13   SS-56-113 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.85
14   SS-56-114 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.86
15   SS-56-115 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.87
16   SS-56-116 Lucas Bone Curettes Fig.88
Bone Files
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-55-101 Bone Files Polokoff fig.1
2   SS-55-102 Bone Files fig.33
3   SS-55-103 Bone Files Miler fig.64
4   SS-55-104 Bone Files Miler Fig.45
5   SS-55-105 Bone Files Fig.10
6   SS-55-106 Wahl Bone Files Fig.1
7   SS-55-107 Wahl Bone Files Fig.2
8   SS-55-108 Dental Bone Files Fig.12CA
9   SS-55-109 Bone Files Fig.12A
10   SS-55-110 Howard Bone Files Fig.12
Bone Rongeurs
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-54-101 Bone Holding Forceps 185MM
2   SS-54-102 Bone Holding Forceps 185MM
3   SS-54-103 Bone Rongeur 200 mm
4   SS-54-104 Bone Rongeur 215 MM
5   SS-54-105 Bone Rongeur 145 MM
6   SS-54-106 Bone Rongeur Forceps Friedman-Micro 6"
7   SS-54-107 Bone Rongeur Forceps Friedman-Micro 5"
8   SS-54-108 Bone Rongeur 140 MM
9   SS-54-109 Bone Rongeur Forceps LUER 6"
10   SS-54-110 Bone Rongeur Forceps LUER 6"
11   SS-54-111 Bone Rongeur Forceps 2A-MEAD, SQUARE TIPS 5"
12   SS-54-112 Bone Rongeur Forceps BLUMENTHAL 6"
13   SS-54-113 Bone Rongeur Forceps BLUMENTHAL 45 /6"
14   SS-54-114 Bone Rongeur 7"
15   SS-54-115 Bone Rongeur 170 MM
16   SS-54-116 Bone Rongeur Forceps BEYER 7"
17   SS-54-117 Bone Rongeur Forceps MEAD 6"
18   SS-54-118 Bone Rongeur Forceps BANE-HEARTMANN 7"
19   SS-54-119 Bone Rongeur Forceps BEYER DOUBLE-ACTION 7"
20   SS-54-120 Bone Rongeur Forceps ZUFAL-JANSEN 7"
21   SS-54-121 Bone Rongeur 130 MM
22   SS-54-122 Bone Rongeur 130 MM
23   SS-54-123 Bone Rongeur Forceps Cleveland 5"
24   SS-54-124 Bone Rongeur 150 MM
Cavity Preparation
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-76-101 Wedeistaet Cavity Preparation Fig.1
2   SS-76-112 Wedeistaet Cavity Preparation Fig.2
Cement Spatulas
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-66-101 Cement Spatula No. 22
2   SS-66-102 Cement Spatula No.22A Rigid
3   SS-66-103 Cement Spatula No.24 Flexible
4   SS-66-104 Cement Spatula No.313
5   SS-66-105 Cement Spatula No.5
6   SS-66-106 Cement Spatula No.7
7   SS-66-107 Double Ended Cement Spatula Fig.3
8   SS-66-108 Double Ended Cement Spatula Fig.4
Cotton & Dressing Tweezers
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-57-101 Dental Cotton & Dressing Tooth Tweezer Curved 130 mm
2   SS-57-102 Dental College Tooth Tweezer curved 130MM
3   SS-57-103 Dental College Tooth Tweezer Smooth Plan Handle Curved 150MM
4   SS-57-104 Dental Meriam Tweezer curved 150 mm
5   SS-57-105 Dental College Tweezer curved 160 mm
6   SS-57-106 Meriam Dental Tweezer curved 160 mm
7   SS-57-107 Meriam Tweezer curved 160 mm
8   SS-57-108 College Tweezer curved 150 MM
9   SS-57-109 Dental College Tooth Tweezer curved 150 MM
10   SS-57-110 Dental Self Locking Tweezer 150 mm
11   SS-57-111 College Tweezer curved 6"
12   SS-57-112 College Dental Tweezer
13   SS-57-113 Perry Tweezer curved 150 mm
14   SS-57-114 Dressing Tooth Tweezer 150 MM
15   SS-57-115 Flagg Tweezer Smooth 150 MM
16   SS-57-116 Flagg Tweezer Serrated 150 MM
17   SS-57-117 Dental Cotton & Dressing Tweezer 150 MM
18   SS-57-118 Cotton & Dressing Tweezer with gold handle
19   SS-57-119 Dressing Tooth Tweezer 150 MM
20   SS-57-120 Dental Cotton Tweezer 150 MM
21   SS-57-121 Dental Tweezer curved 150MM
Dental Syringes
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-75-101 Dental Syringes 55 x 37 mm
2   SS-75-102 Dental Syringes 55 x 37mm
3   SS-75-103 Dental Syringes Self Aspirating 1.8cc
4   SS-75-104 Cylinder Cartridge Dental Syringe
5   SS-75-105 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
6   SS-75-106 Dental Syringes Stainless Steel
7   SS-75-107 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
8   SS-75-108 Dental Cartridge Syringes C-W 1.8cc
9   SS-75-109 Dental Cartridge Syringes C-W 1.8cc
10   SS-75-110 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
11   SS-75-111 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
12   SS-75-112 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
13   SS-75-113 Dental Cartridge Syringes 55 x 37MM
14   SS-75-118 Dental Cartridge Syringes
15   SS-75-119 Aspira-Plus Dental Cartridge Syringes 1.8 ml
16   SS-75-120 Dental Cartridge Syringes 1.8 ml
17   SS-75-122 Aspira-Plus Dental Cartridge Syringes 1.8 ml
18   SS-75-124 Dental Cartridge Syringes 1.8 ml
19   SS-75-126 Dental Cartridge Syringes
20   SS-75-127 Dental Cartridge Syringes
21   SS-75-128 Aspira-Plus Dental Cartridge Syringes 1.8ML
22   SS-75-129 Dental Cartridge Syringes
23   SS-75-130 Dental Cartridge Syringes
24   SS-75-131 Dental Cartridge Syringes
25   SS-75-132 Dental Cartridge Syringes 1ML
Endodontic Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-69-101 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.1
2   SS-69-102 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.2
3   SS-69-103 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.3
4   SS-69-104 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.4
5   SS-69-105 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.5
6   SS-69-106 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.6
7   SS-69-107 Endodontic Root Spreader Fig.7
8   SS-69-108 Endodontic Root Lucks Fig.1
9   SS-69-109 Endodontic Root Lucks Fig.2
10   SS-69-110 Endodontic Root Lucks Fig.3
11   SS-69-111 Endodontic Root Lucks Fig.4
12   SS-69-112 Endodontic Vertical Condenser Fig.1
13   SS-69-113 Endodontic Vertical Condenser Fig.2
14   SS-69-114 Endodontic Vertical Condenser Fig.3
15   SS-69-115 Endodontic Vertical Condenser Fig.4
16   SS-69-116 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig 6/1
17   SS-69-117 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig 6/17
18   SS-69-118 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig 6/23
19   SS-69-119 Endodontic Root Canal Excavator Fig.31L
20   SS-69-120 Endodontic Root Canal Excavator Fig.32L
21   SS-69-121 Endodontic Root Canal Excavator Fig.33L
22   SS-69-122 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig 6/1 With Hollow Handle
23   SS-69-123 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig 6/17 With Hollow Handle
24   SS-69-124 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig.6/23 With Hollow Handle
25   SS-69-125 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig.6/31L With Hollow Handle
26   SS-69-126 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig.6/32L With Hollow Handle
27   SS-69-127 Endodontic Root Canal Explorer Fig.6/33L With Hollow Handle
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-71-101 Dental Excavator Fig.0
2   SS-71-102 Dental Excavator Fig.1
3   SS-71-103 Dental Excavator Fig.2
4   SS-71-104 Dental Excavator Fig.3
5   SS-71-105 Dental Excavator Fig.4
6   SS-71-106 Dental Excavator Fig.5
7   SS-71-107 Dental Excavator Fig.6
8   SS-71-108 Dental Excavator Fig.0 With Hollow Handle
9   SS-71-109 Dental Excavator Fig.1 With Hollow Handle
10   SS-71-110 Dental Excavator Fig.2 With Hollow Handle
11   SS-71-111 Dental Excavator Fig.3 With Hollow Handle
12   SS-71-112 Dental Excavator Fig.4 With Hollow Handle
13   SS-71-113 Dental Excavator Fig.5 With Hollow Handle
14   SS-71-114 Dental Excavator Fig.6 With Hollow Handle
15   SS-71-115 Dental Excavator Fig.6
16   SS-71-116 Dental Excavator Fig.14
17   SS-71-117 Dental Excavator Fig.17
18   SS-71-118 Dental Excavator Fig.17W
19   SS-71-119 Dental Excavator Fig.18
20   SS-71-120 Oval Spoon Dental Excavator Fig.18W
21   SS-71-121 Dental Excavator Fig.19
22   SS-71-122 Oval spoon Dental Excavator Fig.19W
23   SS-71-123 Dental Excavator Fig.6
24   SS-71-124 Dental Excavator Fig.14 With Hollow Handle
25   SS-71-125 Dental Excavator Fig.17
26   SS-71-126 Oval spoon Dental Excavator Fig.17W
27   SS-71-128 Oval spoon Dental Excavator Fig.18W
28   SS-71-129 Dental Excavator Fig.19 With Hollow Handle
29   SS-71-130 Oval spoon Dental Excavator Fig.19W Hollow Handle
30   SS-71-131 Dental Excavator Fig.38/39
31   SS-71-133 Dental Excavator Fig.63/64
32   SS-71-134 Dental Excavator Fig.65/66
33   SS-71-135 Dental Excavator Fig.31L
34   SS-71-136 Dental Excavator Fig.32L
Explorers & Probes
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-77-101 11 Briault D/E Explorer
2   SS-77-102 11/12 Odu D/E Explorer
3   SS-77-103 11/12 Odu D/E After Five Explorer
4   SS-77-104 2A Pigtail D/E Explorer
5   SS-77-105 2H D/E Explorer
6   SS-77-106 2R/2L D/E Explorer
7   SS-77-107 3 Pigtail D/E Explorer
8   SS-77-108 3CH Cowhorn D/E Explorer
9   SS-77-109 3ES D/E Explorer
10   SS-77-110 5 D/E Explorer
11   SS-77-111 6/3 D/E Explorer
12   SS-77-112 17 S/E Explorer
13   SS-77-113 23 Shepherd's Hook Explorer
14   SS-77-114 3 S/E Explorer
15   SS-77-115 3A S/E Explorer
16   SS-77-116 54 S/E Explorer
Filling instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-65-101 Westcott Filling instrument With Solid Handle
2   SS-65-110 Westcott Filling instrument With Hollow Handle
3   SS-65-119 Filling instrument With Solid Handle Fig.1
4   SS-65-125 Filling instrument With Solid Handle Fig.2
Gum Scissors
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-90-100 Lister Bandage Scissors Extra fine
2   SS-90-101 Knowles Bandage Scissor Straight
3   SS-90-102 Heath Suture Scissors Serrated blade
4   SS-90-103 Spencer Stitch Scissors Delicate
5   SS-90-104 Shortbent Stitch Scissors Curved Delicate
6   SS-90-105 Littauer JR. Stitch Scissors
7   SS-90-106 Northbent Stitch Scissors Curved Light Pattern
8   SS-90-107 Littauer Stitch Scissors Standard pattern
9   SS-90-108 Long Oral Surgery Stitch Scissors
10   SS-90-109 Miltex Stitch Scissors Angled Delicate
11   SS-90-110 Reeh Stitch Scissors Sharp tips
12   SS-90-111 Miltex Stitch Scissors Curved Sharp
13   SS-90-112 Miltex Stitch Scissors Curved Sharp Pointed
14   SS-90-113 Vantage Crown Scissors Collar curved
15   SS-90-114 Vantage Crown Scissors Straight
16   SS-90-115 Miltex Wire Cutting Scissors
17   SS-90-116 Miltex Wire Cutting Scissors Carb-N-Sert Inserts
18   SS-90-117 Standard Pattern Operating Scissors Straight Sharp-Points
19   SS-90-120 Standard Pattern Operating Scissors Blunt Straight Sharp-Points
20   SS-90-121 Standard Pattern Operating Scissors Blunt Straight Sharp-Points Carb-N-Sert Inserts
21   SS-90-122 Standard Pattern Operating Scissors Curved Sharp
22   SS-90-123 Standard Pattern Operating Scissors Curved Sharp Curved, Blunt points
23   SS-90-124 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight
24   SS-90-125 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight Carb-N-Sert Inserts
25   SS-90-126 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Curved
26   SS-90-127 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Curved Carb-N-Sert Inserts
27   SS-90-128 Delicate Pattern Metzenbaum Scissors Straight
28   SS-90-129 Delicate Pattern Metzenbaum Scissors Sharp Points
29   SS-90-130 Metzenbaum Scissors Curved, Blunt Points
30   SS-90-131 Metzenbaum Scissors Curved Carb-N-Sert Inserts
31   SS-90-132 Delicate Pattern Metzenbaum Scissors Curved Blunt Points Carb-N-Sert Inserts
Impression Trays
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-74-101 Impression Trays
2   SS-74-102 Impression Trays
3   SS-74-103 Impression Trays
4   SS-74-104 Impression Trays
5   SS-74-105 Impression Trays
6   SS-74-106 Impression Trays
7   SS-74-107 Impression Trays
8   SS-74-108 Impression Trays
9   SS-74-109 Impression Trays
10   SS-74-110 Impression Trays
11   SS-74-111 Impression Trays
12   SS-74-112 Impression Trays
13   SS-74-113 Impression Trays
14   SS-74-114 Impression Trays
15   SS-74-115 Impression Trays
16   SS-74-116 Impression Trays
17   SS-74-117 Impression Trays
18   SS-74-118 Impression Trays
19   SS-74-119 Impression Trays
20   SS-74-120 Impression Trays
21   SS-74-121 Impression Trays
22   SS-74-122 Impression Trays
23   SS-74-123 Adjustable Solid Dental Impression Trays 61/42MM
24   SS-74-124 Adjustable Solid Dental Impression Trays 61/42MM
25   SS-74-125 Adjustable Solid Dental Impression Trays
26   SS-74-127 Dental Calipers
27   SS-74-128 Dental Calipers
28   SS-74-129 Dental Stainless Steel Ruler
29   SS-74-130 Forceps for articulation paper 150 mm
Matrix Retainers
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-84-200 Matrix Retainer Tofflemire
2   SS-84-201 Tofflemire Matrix Retainer Junior / Child
3   SS-84-202 Tofflemire Matrix Retainer Senior / Adult
4   SS-84-203 Tofflemire Matrix Retainer Universal
5   SS-84-204 Matrix Band Retainer Ivory 8
6   SS-84-205 Matrix Band Retainer Ivory Plain
7   SS-84-206 Matrix Retainer Ivory With Shield
8   SS-84-207 Matrix Retainer Cheek Protector
9   SS-84-208 Matrix Band Retainer Nystrom Left
10   SS-84-209 Matrix Band Retainer Nystrom Right
11   SS-84-210 Matrix Band Retainer Siqveland (Ash Narrow)
12   SS-84-211 Matrix Band Retainer Siqveland (Ash Wide)
13   SS-84-212 Matrix Band Retainer Ivory Didner (Adjustable)
14   SS-84-213 Matrix Retainer Ivory Separator
15   SS-84-214 Matrix Retainer Elliote Separator
16   SS-84-215 Matrix Retainer Ivory 8N
17   SS-84-216 Matrix Retainer Didner 8 P
Mirrors & Handles
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-53-702-22 High Definition Dental Mirror
2   SS-53-704-10 High Definition Rhodium Mirror
3   SS-53-707-22 Dental Cone Socket Mirror
4   SS-53-710-03 Micro-Mouth Mirror Fig.1
5   SS-53-710-05 Micro-Mouth Mirror Fig.2
6   SS-53-711-03 High Definition Rhodium MIcro Mirror
7   SS-53-721-01 Cone-Socket Mirror Handle 14CM
8   SS-53-721-02 Cone-Socket Mirror Handle
9   SS-53-723-01 Cone-Socket Mirror Handle 13CM
10   SS-53-726-02 Dental Socket Mirror Handle 12cm
11   SS-53-728-02 Dental Mirror Handle 12cm
12   SS-53-746-02 Martin-Grip Dental Mirror Handle 12cm
13   SS-53-755-02 High-Grip Dental Mirror Handle 12cm
14   SS-53-757-08 Dental Mirror Handle Martin Grip 14cm
15   SS-68-113 Simple Stem Plane Mouth Mirror No.04
16   SS-68-114 Simple Stem Plane Mouth Mirror No.05
17   SS-68-118 Seco / Cone-Socket Mirror Handle 125MM
18   SS-68-119 Octogonal / Cone-Socket Mirror Handle 120MM
19   SS-68-120 Martin ergo Mirror Handle 135MM
20   SS-68-121 Mirror Handle 135MM (Blue Color)
21   SS-68-122 Mirror Handle No.5 (Blue Color)
22   SS-68-123 Mirror Handle 135MM (Green Color)
23   SS-68-124 Mirror Handle 135MM (Black Color)
24   SS-68-128 laryngeal Mirror & Handle 7MM
25   SS-68-129 laryngeal Mirror & Handle
Miscellaneous Laboratory Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-53-715-00 Hilger Cheek Retractor 180mm
2   SS-53-715-01 Hilger Cheek Retractor Only
3   SS-63-165 Gauze Case
4   SS-68-130 Cotton Wool Container 50MM
5   SS-68-131 Dental Napkin Holder 50MM
6   SS-82-101 Bandage and Utility Scissors, 7-1/2" (19.1 cm), needle destroyer, serrated blade, autoclave
7   SS-82-102 Plaster and Compound Knife
8   SS-82-103 Soldering Tweezers, curved
9   SS-82-104 SWISS Jeweler style Forceps, non-magnetic stainless steel, style 3, narrow, fine, 4-3/4" (12.1 cm)
10   SS-82-105 SWISS Jeweler style Forceps, non-magnetic stainless steel, style 5, Super fine, 4-3/8" (11.2 cm)
11   SS-82-106 SWISS Jeweler style Forceps, non-magnetic stainless steel, style 7, fine, curved, 4-1/2" (11.4 cm)
12   SS-82-107 Dental Calipers
13   SS-82-108 Dental Vernier Calipers
14   SS-82-109 Dental Steel Ruler
15   SS-82-110 Forceps for articulation paper
Mouth Gags & Retractor
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-63-141 Heister Mouth Gag 130MM
2   SS-63-142 Molt Pediatric Mouth Gag 100MM
3   SS-63-143 Molt Child Mouth Gag 120MM
4   SS-63-144 Molt Adult Mouth Gag 140MM
5   SS-63-145 Fergusson-Ackland Mouth Gag 145MM
6   SS-63-146 Denhart Mouth Gag 125MM
7   SS-63-147 Roser-Konig Mouth Gag 160MM
8   SS-63-148 Roser-Konig Mouth Gag 185MM
9   SS-63-149 Langenbeck Finger Protector
10   SS-63-150 Tongue Depressor and Cheek Retractor
11   SS-63-151 Mouth Gags & Retractor (Standard)
12   SS-63-153 Mouth Gags & Retractor 140MM
13   SS-63-154 Schmid Retractor & Mouth Gag 140MM
14   SS-63-155 Mouth Prop & Retractor
15   SS-63-156 Mouth Gag & Retractor 160MM
16   SS-63-157 Vestibulum Retractor 140MM
17   SS-63-158 Sternberg Retractor 120MM
18   SS-63-159 Roux Retractor Set of 3
19   SS-63-162 Middeldorpf Cheek Retractor 15x15MM
20   SS-63-163 Middeldorpf Cheek Retractor 22x22MM
21   SS-63-164 Middeldorpf Cheek Retractor 26x30MM
22   SS-63-166 Hooklet Retractor (A) 165MM
23   SS-63-167 Hooklet Retractor (B) 165MM
24   SS-63-168 Hooklet Retractor (C) 165MM
25   SS-63-169 Hooklet Retractor (D) 165MM
26   SS-63-174 Langenbeck-Green Retractor 160MM (A)
27   SS-63-175 Langenbeck-Green Retractor 160MM (B)
28   SS-63-176 Langenbeck-Green Retractor 16x6MM (C)
Needle Holders
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-60-101 Crile-Murray Needle Holder 130mm
2   SS-60-102 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 145mm
3   SS-60-103 Crile-Murray Needle Holder 150 MM
4   SS-60-104 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 150 MM
5   SS-60-105 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 180 MM
6   SS-60-106 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 200 MM
7   SS-60-107 Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder 140 MM
8   SS-60-108 Gillies Needle Holder 150 MM
9   SS-60-109 Boynton Needle Holder 125 MM
10   SS-60-110 Mathieu Needle Holder 170 MM
11   SS-60-111 Mathieu Needle Holder 200 MM
12   SS-60-112 Crile Needle Holder 150 MM
13   SS-60-113 Toennis Needle Holder 180 MM
14   SS-60-114 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder TC Gold Tungsten Carbide 165 MM
15   SS-60-115 Tc Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 210 MM
16   SS-60-116 Tc Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 165 MM
17   SS-60-117 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide (TC) 210 MM
18   SS-60-118 Tc Debakey Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 150 MM
19   SS-60-119 Debakey Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 180 MM
20   SS-60-120 Tc Ryder Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 135 MM
21   SS-60-122 Tc Ryder 7 Carb-N-Sert Jaws Needle Holder 175 MM
22   SS-60-123 Tc Bozeman 5 Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 135 MM
23   SS-60-124 Olsen-Hegar CARB-N-SERT Tc Jaws Needle Holder 125 MM
24   SS-60-125 Olsen-Hegar CARB-N-SERT Tc Jaws Needle Holder 165 MM
25   SS-60-126 Olsen-Hegar CARB-N-SERT Tc Jaws Needle Holder 160 MM
26   SS-60-127 Olsen-Hegar CARB-N-SERT Tc Jaws Needle Holder 145 MM
27   SS-60-128 TC Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Jaws 185 MM
28   SS-60-129 TC Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Jaws 180 MM
29   SS-60-130 Ryder 8 CARB-N-SERT Jaws Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 200 MM
30   SS-60-131 TC Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 200 MM
31   SS-60-132 Mathieu 5 Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 140MM
32   SS-60-133 Mathieu 6 Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 170MM
33   SS-60-134 Mathieu 8 Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 200MM
34   SS-60-135 Mathieu Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 140MM
35   SS-60-136 Mathieu Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 170MM
36   SS-60-137 TC Mathieu Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 200MM
37   SS-60-138 Mathieu Needle Holder tungsten Carbide 195MM
38   SS-60-139 Mathieu CARB-N-SERT Jaws Needle Holder 205MM
39   SS-75-121 Tc Ryder Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide 155 MM
Orthodontic Pliers
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-59-101 Orthodontic Bird Beak Angle Plier
2   SS-59-102 Orthodontic Wire Cutting Plier No.01
3   SS-59-103 Orthodontic Wire Cutting Plier No.02
4   SS-59-104 De La Rosa Orthodontic Plier
5   SS-59-105 De La Rosa (Non-Grooved) Orthodontic Plier
6   SS-59-106 Distal End Cutters
7   SS-59-107 Distal End Cutter with TC Tip
8   SS-59-108 Orthodontic Hard Wire Cutter TC
9   SS-59-109 Micro-Miniature Wire Cutter
10   SS-59-110 Orthodontic Light Wire Cutter
11   SS-59-111 Orthodontic Mckillops Plier
12   SS-59-112 Distal End Cutter (Micro)
13   SS-59-113 Orthodontic Nance Plier
14   SS-59-114 Lingual Arch Forming Plier
15   SS-59-1142 Universal Bending Orthodontic Plier
16   SS-59-115 Orthodontic Bracket Removing Pliers Braces Removal
17   SS-59-116 Orthodontic Direct Bond Attachment Remover Plier
18   SS-59-117 Direct Bond Attachment Remover Plier
19   SS-59-118 Orthodontic Direct Bond Plier
20   SS-59-119 How Orthodontic Plier No.2 Curved
21   SS-59-120 Orthodontic Plier No.1
22   SS-59-121 Orthodontic Plier No.2
23   SS-59-122 Orthodontic Plier With Smooth Beaks No.1
24   SS-59-123 Orthodontic Plier With Smooth Beaks No.2
25   SS-59-124 Reynolds Contouring Plier
26   SS-59-125 Waldsachs Orthodontic Pliers
27   SS-59-126 Orthodontic Johnson Pliers
28   SS-59-127 Orthodontic Nance Pliers
29   SS-59-128 Orthodontic Young Pliers
30   SS-59-129 Orthodontic Flat Nose Pliers
31   SS-59-130 Orthodontic Pliers With Rounded Jaw
32   SS-59-131 Orthodontic Angle Jaw Pliers
33   SS-59-132 Orthodontic Adams Jaw Pliers
34   SS-59-133 Orthodontic Round Nose Pliers
35   SS-59-134 Orthodontic Aderer Plier
36   SS-59-135 Orthodontic Tweed Plier
37   SS-59-136 Orthodontic Round long Nose Plier
38   SS-59-137 Orthodontic Angle Plier No.1
39   SS-59-138 Orthodontic How No.1 Straight Plier
40   SS-59-139 Orthodontic Band Remover Plier
41   SS-59-140 Band Remover Orthodontic Plier
42   SS-59-141 Universal Orthodontic Plier
43   SS-59-143 Orthodontic Round and Concvve Plier
44   SS-59-144 Orthodontic Loop Forming Plier Tweed
45   SS-59-145 Orthodontic Universal Weingart Plier
Periodontia Instruments
S.No.   Article No. Product Name
1   SS-64-101 Kirkland Periodontia Instruments Fig.1/2
2   SS-64-102 Orban Periodontia Instrument Fig.1/2
3   SS-64-103 Kirkland Periodontia Instrument Fig.2
4   SS-64-104 Orban Hollow Handle Periodontia Instrument Fig.1/2
5   SS-64-105 Goldman-Fox Periodontia Instruments Fig.7
6   SS-64-106 Goldman-Fox Periodontia Instruments Fig.8
7   SS-64-107 Goldman-Fox Periodontia Instruments Fig.9
8   SS-64-108 Goldman-Fox Periodontia Instruments Fig.11
9   SS-64-109 Buck
10   SS-64-110 Buck
11   SS-64-111 Goldman-Fox
12   SS-64-112 Goldman-Fox
13   SS-64-113 Goldman-Fox
14   SS-64-114 Goldman-Fox
15   SS-64-115 Buck
16   SS-64-116 Buck
17   SS-64-117 Sanders
18   SS-64-118 Sanders
19   SS-64-119
20   SS-64-120 Crane-Kaplan
21   SS-64-121 Sanders
22   SS-64-122 Sanders
23   SS-64-123
24   SS-64-124 Crane-Kaplan
25   SS-64-125 Curette
26   SS-64-126 Columbia
27   SS-64-127 Columbia
28   SS-64-128 Columbia
29   SS-64-129
30   SS-64-130
31   SS-64-131 Zerling-Chiles
32   SS-64-132 Curette
33   SS-64-133 Columbia
34   SS-64-134 Columbia
35   SS-64-135 Columbia
36   SS-64-136 Langer
37   SS-64-137 Langer
38   SS-64-138 Barnhart
39   SS-64-139 Barnhart
40   SS-64-140
41   SS-64-141
42   SS-64-142 Langer
43   SS-64-143 Langer
44   SS-64-144 Barnhart