Sterilization in Autoclave:

1. After having carefully washed dried and oiled instruments place instruments that can be opened in the open position; put these instruments in sterilization packets and place them in appropriate trays.

2. Be careful not to overload the autoclave. When an autoclave is too full it’s possible that proper sterilization has not taken place.

3. After the sterilization cycle has taken place, follow the manufacture’s suggestions for the drying cycle.

Cold Sterilization:

When using a solution for sterilizing instruments careful attention must make that the solution kills specific bacteria and virus, many solutions have no effect on bacteria or virus when in the presence of blood; also many solutions are very corrosive on the instruments, most solutions recommend a soak time of 10 hrs. Because of the long soak time, the chemical action can damage the instrument. Reduce when possible soak time; where indicated using a corrosion inhibitor.