S/N Items / DescriptionQty
1Tourniquet, Esmarch Bandage scissor10
2Currete bone set1
3Drill bit, bone, twist,1
4Drill, bone, hand operated1
5Forceps, Seizing, 180mm4
6Saw, Amputation, 350mm1
7Introducer for steinmann pins1
8Knife Plaster of Paris, Reiner, 1851
9Saw, Plaster of Paris1
10Scissors, wire cutting, 130mm2
11Shears, Plaster of Paris, Stille, 380mm Length; & 20cm length2
12Mallet (Hammer)1
13Gauge (Bone)1
14Bone levers1
15Scalpel handle no 31
16Scalpel handle no 41
17Fraizer suction tube Fr.121
18Fraizer suction tube Fr.81
19Tissue forceps 1×2 teeth 16cm1
20Adson tissue forceps teeth 15cm2
21Artery forceps Crile curved 16cm6
22Hemostatic forceps 19cm2
23Backhaus towel clamp 13cm6
24Us Army parker set of 21
25Volkmann retractor 4 prongs sharp2
26Volkmann retractor 4 pronge blunt2
27Volkmann retractor 2 pronge sharp2
28Israel retractor 4 prong blunt1
29Backmann retractor hinged blade 4×4, 21cm1
30Allies tissue forceps 4×5 teeth 15cm6
31Lambotte periosteal elevator 5mm, 21cm1
32Bennet small elevator 24cm small1
33Bennet small elevator 24cm Large1
34Kern bone holding forceps 21cm2
35Lambotte bone holding forceps 26cm1
36Lane bone holding forcep with rachet 32cm1
37Stille Luer bone rongeur forceps 23cm curved1
38Ruskin-liston bone cutting forceps 16.5 cm1
39Mayo dissecting scissor straight 14.5cm1
40Mayo dissecting scissor curved 14.5cm1
41Mayo dissecting scissors curved 17cm1
42Mayo dissecting scissor straight 17cm1
43Mayo hegar needle holder 20cm1
44Crile wood needle holdr 15cm1
45Screwdriver set1
46Osteteome set1
47instruments box1

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