S/NItems / DescriptionQty
1Root Elevator 1L Seldin1
2Root Elevator 1R Seldin1
3Root Elevator 3 Seldin1
4Root Elevator 3A Cryer1
5Root Elevator 27 Cryer1
6Root Elevator 28 Cryer1
7Root Elevator 34 Seldin1
8Root Elevator 34S Seldin1
9Root Elevator 461
10Root Elevator 301 Apical1
11Root Elevator 302 Apical1
12Root Elevator 303 Apical1
13Root Elevator 304 Apical1
14Injection Syringes1
15Handles for mouth Mirrors1
16Mouth Mirrors – Plane 18 mm1
17Mouth Mirrors – Plane 20 mm1
18Mouth Mirrors – Magnifying 18 mm1
19Mouth Mirrors – Magnifying 20 mm1
20Splinter Forceps -London College 15 cm/6”1
21Extracting Forceps, Fino 11
22Extracting Forceps, Fino 171
23Extracting Forceps, Fino 181
24Extracting Forceps, Fino 391
25Extracting Forceps, Fino 51A1
26Extracting Forceps, Fino 67A1
27Extracting Forceps, Fino 74N1
28Extracting Forceps, Fino 731
29Extracting Forceps, Fino 131
30Extracting Forceps, Fino 221
31Extracting Forceps, Fino 331
32Extracting Forceps – English Pattern Md41
33Needle Holders – Crile-Murray 15cm/ 6”1
34Scalpel Handles1
35Periodontal Instruments – Goldman-Fox Scaler 21
36Periodontial Instruments – Goldman-Fox Scaler 31
37Periodontal Finishing Curettes – Gracy1
38Periodontial Finishing Curettes – Gracy1
39Double Excavators1
40Double Excavators1
41Amalgam – Black1
42Plastic Filling Instruments – Burnishers 281
43Plastic Filling Instruments – Burnishers – Ladmore 31
44589 Lucas 16cm 4mm 1

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