SN Items / DescriptionQty
2Payr Pylorous Clamp, 8″, 6 x 4 mm Tip2
3Payr Pylorous Clamp, 12″,13 x 10 mm Tip2
4DeMartel Closing Forceps, 10.25″1
5DeMartel Clamp Holder, 9″1
6DeMartel Clamp, 2.5″ (Set of 3)1
7DeMartel Clamp, 3.25″ (Set of 3)1
8DeMartel Clamp, 4.25″ (Set of 3)1
9Doyen Forceps Diag Serr., 9.25″, Str.2
10Doyen Forceps Diag Serr., 9.25″, Cvd.2
11Mayo Pean Forceps, 8″, Cvd4
12Ochsner Forceps, 8″, Str4
13Mayo Pean Forceps, 10″, Str.2

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3- Our Products Equipped with Latest Machinery, Well skilled engineers and workers that work under strict quality control & environment-friendly policy. 
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5- Our instruments are Satin finish also available in Mirror/Polish, Half Gold, Full Gold, and Titanium Coating.
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7- Strong holdings.
8- Laser marking.
9- Our products are competitive and beautifully designed under well professional works.
10- Delivery 100% on Time.
11- We always help our customers to find their desire needs here at SLICK SURGICO and we will be glad to support them and instruct them according to their needs.
12- Participation in MEDICA, IDS, ARAB HEALTH, KIMES, and Many other Exhibitions Worldwide.