Jeweler Type Forceps 12cm Fig.7

Jeweler Type Forceps 12cm Fig.7 Brand Name: Slick Surgico / Your Brand Name Quality Workmanship: Surgical Efficiency Lifetime Warranty: Peace of Mind Affordable Pricing: Value for Money Premium Service: Buy with Confidence Certification: ISO & CE Mark Certified Approved QC Passed: Yes



Jeweler Type Forceps

Rust Free Life time warranty.
Manufactured with highest quality grade of stainless steel.
Products Jeweler Type Forceps 12cm Fig.7.
Available in both, Mirror & Dull Finishing.
Available in both sizes 12 cm Fig. 7
Packed in Simple Polly bag Or Plastic Bag. But it can be change if customer requires.

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Finish, Satin


12 cm Fig. 7


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