• Keep the instruments in trays with process Traveler.
  • Compare the instrument with, aster sample or Drawing that it is according to the Pattern.
  • Check the polish and finish conditions of all instruments.
  • Check the blades, rings, and joint box that there is no any spot, burr, crack or broken Piece.
  • Check the 100% cutting instruments through cutting a cloth piece and check that the Cutting is sharp and perfect. Be sure the blades are equal and sharp and cutting Smoothly.
  • Check that the serrations of forceps are perfect and the joint box is working properly.
  • Ensure that needle holder can caught suture thread from its center and corners.
  • The elastic of Dressing, Adson, and Iris Forceps are satisfactory, while punch these Instruments, the serration teeth fit on his places and size is also must be same.
  • Check that the Etching on instruments is perfect and don’t send any instrument for Packing without etching.
  • Reworkable instruments must be identified with red ink.
  • Rejected instruments kept in rejected box or trays.
  • Make an entry on traveler card after complete the work.
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