• Mix the chemical and water in a clean bowl.
  • Water 75%, Sodium 5%, Nitric Acid 20%
  • Check the quantity of mixture.(Water 75%,Sodium 5%, Nitric Acid 20% Give slow heat to mixture but don’t give heat more than 50cg ever.
  • Dip the instruments in ready mixture for approximately 30 minutes after that put out the instruments and drop into a clean water bowl and shake the instruments continuously so that the instruments clean from chemical completely.
  • Then put out the instruments from water and dry it.
  • Make an entry on process traveler card after compilation the work.
  • Advantages
  • After the passivation, the instruments will be safe for always from rust.
  • Due to the passivation we come to know about the material of instrument that is good or bad.
  • Due to this process we also come to know about the broken instrument and hole.
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