• Keep the instruments in trays or Boxes along with the Process traveler Card.
  • Internal and External side of Blade Grind with the help of Stone grinding Plate.
  • Grind the internal side/surface on emery belt.
  • Send the Scissors for Screw fitting Process.
  • After the Fitting, the external side of instrument & internal side of Rings Grinds on the Emery Belt.
  • Grind the Joint between forceps on Emery Belt.
  • Send the Instruments for revert fixing to the fitter.
  • After the Electro Polish, send the instruments with the Process Traveler card.
  • After the electro Polish, grind the instruments on Leather grinding plate with the Luster.
  • The internal part of blade Grind with white luster on a wooden grinding plate along with emery.
  • Internal and external sides of instruments polish with pink luster on the cotton buff.
  • Sharp the edges of the blade with the help of Stone grinding plate.
  • Only for Satin finish (without polish) instruments do satin with dull brush.
  • Make an entry on Process traveler card and send for next process.
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