Before sending the lot, be ensure that

  • The cromium percentage is must be 12 or more than 12 in steel being used and polish quality is also satsifactory and must be according to the sample and following points , which are given below:
  • Make ensure that lot is not wrong.
  • Lot should not consist on wrong sequence, size or look.
  • Make sure, there is not any dirtiness, rust or spot on blade
  • Blade should not be curved.
  • Do not loose or hard in use.
  • Cutting must be smooth.
  • Edges of blade must be sharp.
  • Points must be fit on his places while closing,In addition the size should be equal.
  • Check that lot does not have burrs on it.
  • Be sure joint is clean from any dust or oil, in addition No one side contain on yellow color.
  • Make ensure that lot does not have crack or broken pieces.
  • Make sure that lot is clean from any type of scratch and dark spot.
  • Be sure joint is clean from any dust or thread.
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