• Before Starting the work, check lot number on Tray Card.
  • Be care full about the safety measures and check the supply.
  • Check the level of Triclon Chemical in tank and also check that it is clean according to the Requirement.
  • Check that there is no any device in tank of previous Lot.
  • Start the Machine and warm up the chemical as per the required temperature.
  • Keep the Devices in basket or hanger in a proper way.
  • Press Ultrasonic button and check that chemical is warm up as per the required temperature.
  • If Ultrasonic spray works properly then continue the process otherwise have some wait.
  • Hold the basket on boiling side for one to two minute in such way that basket remains itself up to and the level of chemical.
  • Bring the basket towards the Ultrasonic and dip it into the chemical.
  • Press the Ultrasonic button and remain the basket in chemical for one to two minutes.
  • Hold the basket on Ultrasonic side for 30 seconds.
  • Put out the basket slowly and keep the Device in the tray respectively.
  • Start another Lot after Finished the First Lot.
  • Make an entry in Traveler Card after complete the Work.
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